Best Digital Photo Printers 2011

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Best Digital Photo Printers 2011

Best Digital Photo Printers 2011

At present, a digital camera is used by most people in capturing the special moments and with the help of any of the devices in the Best Digital Photo Printers 2011, they can choose to have real copies of their snapshots. When people take pictures using their digital cameras, the photos are saved on memory cards. To transfer them, you need to connect to a computer. Some people upload the pictures they take, on the internet. However, some hi-tech models of digital photo printers enable the user to print them directly, without the help of a computer.

Best Digital Photo Printers 2011 makes use of either of the 2 print technologies, namely, inkjet and dye sublimation. The first uses ink to dot the sheet. The other uses heat to vaporize and set the dye on the glossy part of the paper. Thereafter, the dye goes through the surface to create the picture.

When choosing a good digital photo printer, it may be good to consider one with a high resolution to ensure striking pictures. Portability is another feature that would give it an edge. In addition to this, printing in different sizes is another good quality to like about a printer.

1. Sony DPP-FP97 and DPP-FP67 Digital Photo Printers are two compact printing devices that are lightweight so they are convenient to bring along to print pictures anytime you wish.

Sony DPP-FP97 comes with a 3.5” LCD screen and is capable of printing 4” x 6” photos in as little as 45 seconds. This printer includes software that lets the user type messages and make greeting cards. This, also, consists of templates for personalizing photos such as frames, calendars and scrapbooking.

DPP-FP67 is able to print pictures in 63 seconds. This, like the DPP-FP97, is compatible with flash memory cards such as SD Memory Card, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, MMC , xD-Picture Card, SD Memory Card and SDH. In addition to this, Compact Flash and Microdrive flash memory cards are supported by DPP-FP97.

2. Canon SELPHY CP770 and CP760 are compact photo printers that come with a new overcoat technology that prevent photos from smudging and blurring.

Canon SELPHY CP770 has 2.5” HD LCD display that lets you to preview a page before printing. With this device, you can print pictures directly and wirelessly from sources such as a mobile phone, DPAs and other digital devices.

Canon SELPHY CP760has a 2.5” LCD for viewing images before printing. It comes with the Thin Film Transistor (TFT) control screen that lets you go through the menu to pick a print job you need. It has card slots that are simplified which enable users to plug in memory cards and print straight from sources, such as a camera, by means of a USB cord.

3. Sony UP-DR200 is a digital photo printer which is a mixture of good quality print, fast speeds and high volume output. It comes with a dye sublimation technology. It is among the fastest in this line of printers. It is able to print a 4” x 6” photo in 7.8 seconds. It can print on different paper sizes: 3.5” x 5, 4” x 6”, 5” x 7” and 6” x 8”. To come up with remarkable prints, it uses improved paper-back media which looks and feels like typical photo paper. Besides, it is more cost efficient.

Sony UP-DR200 is capable of using unique lamination technology in case you like to change finishes from glossy of Pro-Matte.

Summary of Best Digital Photo Printers 2011

Sony DPP-FP97 and DPP-FP67, Canon SELPHY CP770 and CP760 and Sony UP-DR200 present their best features in Best Digital Photo Printers 2011. Generally, these are the following: fast print speeds, portability, wireless capabilities, ability to print directly from sources and to print in different sizes. With add-ons such as LCD and control screen, printing these digital photos can be done with ease.

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