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Wireless Printer Reviews make excellent guides for those looking for printers they can share with different users in their home or office network. And very helpful guides they are too, considering the large number of wireless printers that have joined the foray since wireless printing entered the scene.

As the computing world continuously veers toward the wireless, more printer users are also making the big switch.

If you are one of those in the transition stage, you need wireless printer reviews that can guide you in your decision-making.

So which wireless printers get the approval of wireless printer reviews? Here are the industry’s top picks.

Top Three Favorites in Wireless Printer Reviews

Well known wireless printers include:

  • Brother: High-Volume Wireless Laser Printing for the Workplace
  • Epson Artisan: High-Quality Wireless Photo Printing for the Artist
  • Lexmark: Wireless Printing for the Home Network

1. Brother: High-Volume Wireless Laser Printing for the Workplace

If you’re searching for a wireless printer that can meet the rigorous printing needs of your entire work force without the need for troublesome cabling, Brother is the name to turn to. Brother is a well-known manufacturer of workplace-based multifunction printers that combine high-quality, high-capacity, and durability, all in easily networkable equipments.

But if you want to save on printing costs for your heavy volume print jobs, you should check out Brother’s wireless laser offers, such as the Brother MFC-7840W. This is a wireless-enabled printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine in one. It can effortlessly handle multiple print jobs with its 23 ppm black printing at 19200 x 19200 dpi resolution supported by an automatic document feeder. All in all, this Brother wireless laser printer is the printer that can conveniently boost the productivity of your workplace.

2. Epson Artisan: High-Quality Wireless Photo Printing for the Artist

wireless printer reviewsIf, however, what you’re after is a photo printer that can print fine photos and graphic artwork and can be shared by artists in the graphic arts business, your best bet is an Epson. Epson has banked itself on sophisticated and advanced photo printing that offers lab-quality image and color captures down to the smallest details. If you want to share such printing capabilities for your fellow graphic arts professionals, you should check out Epson’s Artisan series.

This printer series offer professional-grade ultra high-definition photo prints at less than $250. Photos are churned out in just 10 seconds at a rate of 38 ppm without any sacrifice in quality thanks to its high-quality inks, which is dispersed through 1.5 picoliter droplet sizes that amazingly capture accurate skin tones and even gradations.

For one with wireless sharing, get the Epson Artisan 800 with its 7.8” touch panel, built in fax, copier, and scanner, and an automatic document feeder to complete the package.

3. Lexmark: Wireless Printing for the Home Network

If you want to bring wireless technology home so you and your family members can effortlessly print individual print jobs in just one printer, the Lexmark wireless AIOs make excellent choices. Lexmark uses precise print technology that can achieve up to 1200 x 1200 dpi black and 4800 x 1200 dpi color prints. The AIOs can also be used with PC or Mac computers and are equipped with robust PC-less connectivity options. Print quality is breathtaking, and copying and scanning offer excellent bonuses.

What’s left is to share the good news, and Lexmark fits some of its best AIOs with 802.11 b/g wireless connectivity to make this happen. One example of these top products is the Lexmark X4550, which even comes with the special PrecisionSense technology that smartly recognizes paper type and adjusts print settings according to it. Wireless printer reviews find this an ideal printer that wirelessly and effortlessly meets the varying printing needs and preferences of a diverse household.

What Matters in Wireless Printer Reviews

Most wireless printer reviews often give importance to three essential factors that measure the overall quality and capability of a wireless printer.

First, to make sure you get convenient wireless printing without a hassle, the wireless printer should be easy to set up. Second, it should provide excellent print quality, showing that its wireless capability does not come with a sacrifice. And thirdly, the wireless printer should energetically meet all print jobs regardless of how many users need printing, which also means the printer should print fast and should have a high-capacity paper tray for continuous printing.

All these factors are must-haves in a high-quality wireless printer.

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