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What are the Top Printers for 2011 ?

What are the top and best printers 2011 choices ? The best printers your needs will reflect the quality of today’s business printer partner in the market if you're looking for a business printer and your personal need if you are looking for a home printer. The best office printers today are designed for sole business entrepreneurs, small business offices to high – volume operation in big workgroups and enterprise settings and almost everything and anything in between that will provide you only the best printer for your office. These printers will include both single function units and all – in – one monochrome and color models, lasers and inkjets, tabloid – format printers and ones that are known for their speed and others for their low cost running operations.

In choosing the best printers 2011 for your office, you should always consider what kind of printer will suit your office needs. There are many printers in the market to choose from and it will not be easy choosing the best. If you know what you need and what you’re looking for in a printer it will narrow down your list and choosing one printer for your office will be a lot easier.

There are diverse new and old printers belonging to their respective niches and as 2010 is about to close good printers that have been tested through the years are here to stay and new printers will be on their way.

Best Printers 2011

• Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn
• Canon Pixma iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer
• HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP

1. Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn is an all – in – one printer that will provide you excellent speed and quality output for your small office or workgroup.

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn is fast and has good paper handling. It prints, scans and faxes over the network and it also works as a standalone copier and fax machine. On the downside, using Canon’s MF8350Cdn fax features from your PC requires you to perform a custom installation and scanning will require you two trips to the printer if you’re using the program’s scan command.

The MF8350Cdn has a 50 – page automatic document feeder (ADF) allowing the printer to scan single – side, multi – page documents and up to legal size. The printer’s strongest point is its paper handing having a 250 – sheet tray which is enough for small offices. It includes a 50 – sheet multipurpose tray, a print duplexer for automatic printing on both sides of the page as well.

The MF8350Cdn is easy to set up but it is one where the printer falls a bit short with regards to its usability. It is compact in size but the hardest part is finding a place to put it in spite of its reasonably compact size, the printer is too heavy for a single person to pick it up and move around the office. The good thing is once you find the place for this printer setting it up on a network is very practical.

The Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn has a notable printing speed, printing at 21 ppp for both color and monochrome and is the fastest color all – in – one laser printer in this price range. The quality output is not quite the same range as its speed but it is good enough for office use.

Overall, the Canon Color ImageClass MF8350Cdn is one of the best all – in – one color laser office printers that will be great for small offices or workgroups.

2. Canon Pixma iX7000 Inkjet Printer

The Canon Pixma iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer is one of the best office printer that can print on tabloid – format or larger – sized paper and is meant closely for small offices specifically micro and home offices. It is suitable for small offices working on tight budgets.

The Pixma iX7000 is one of the most expensive among office printers with tabloid – format but it is also one who has the fewest compromises. Compared to its league of tabloid – format printers it has a better paper handling offering three paper trays. It has a duplexer as well that allows you to print on both sides of the page.

Setting up the Pixma iX7000 on a network is uncommon than most printers. It still follows the Canon’s older network setup procedure. It has a reasonably fast speed and the output quality is a plus compared to standard inkjet text quality. It is a bit better in photo quality and remarkably better in graphics.

The Canon Pixma iX7000 Inkjet Business Printer may be expensive but with its paper handling features is well worth the extra penny.

best printers 20113. HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP

The HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP is one of the best all – in – one color laser printer for its price offering good, quality speed and output including almost all the functions you are looking for in an all – in – one office printer. It falls short on one of the basic features of not having a duplexer or the ability to print on both sides.

The HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP is best for small offices or workgroups. It prints, scans and faxes over the network and can be used as a standalone fax machine and color copier. It also works as a standalone email sender allowing you two choices for sending your emails. It has a good 300 – sheet paper handling that is sufficient enough for most offices. Setting up this office printer is very standard and easy.

The HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP is a very good choice for an office printer partner for your office needs providing you with high quality and excellent looking graphics and photos and practically high quality text.

What’s Ahead of the Best Printers 2011?

The top printers 2011 for office and home are here to stay and will continue to get the job done for office needs. Future office business partner printers are yet to come out but the best office printers will always stand out time after time.

Looking ahead for the best printers 2011 it can be expected that they will be better and reasonably priced with the best features still intact. Speed and quality print output are two of the most notable features most people will look for in the current printer market.

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