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Lexmark printers reviews are included in the list of the most popular printers available. Despite the tough competition in this crowded industry, the Lexmark printer has managed to build a name for itself amongst the ranks of other famous technology solutions providers.

With a remarkable history, Lexmark continues to provide excellent products that win out over even other bigger names in the business, making them a true and dedicated expert in printer manufacturing.

Now, with printers designed for consumers and businesses, Lexmark makes sure that they have products that respond to the various demands in the market. But what really makes Lexmark printers stand out is the continuous quality and unfailing commitment of the company to providing products that consumers are really satisfied with.

Their vision is to make customers for life out of every consumer that comes across a Lexmark product.

Review of Different Lexmark Printers for Different Purposes

Since 1991, when the company was born, Lexmark has been creating printers based on their continuously improving printing technology. Now, they have a wide collection of printers to boast of.

1. Lexmark Printer Categories

Their printers include

  • Lexmark laser printers,
  • Lexmark inkjet printers,
  • and Lexmark all-in-ones.

Under each category, they have

  • monochrome laser printers and colored laser printers
  • monochrome inkjet and color inkjet printers.

lexmark printersAside from that, they also offer other related products such as accessories and optional printer add-ons. Their wide range of products have proliferated rapidly that Lexmark now has loyal customer bases all over the world. And as if that’s not enough, Lexmark continues to innovate as a way to expand their product segments.

2. Small Office Series and Home Printers

Now, their products fall under various lines.

They have the Small Office Pro Series, which includes laser and inkjet printers perfect for small businesses. They also have the Home and Student Series, which are printers designed for basic but versatile home printing.

3.Lexmark Photo and All-in-One Printers

They also have the all-in-ones, the color inkjets, the color lasers and the monochrome lasers, and the multi-function lasers. Aside from their standard models, they have printers specifically designed for photo printing, such as their photo all-in-one printers.

Features Offered by Lexmark Printers

Printers from Lexmark can be expected to perform splendidly. But that’s not all. They can also be expected to come with various features that make printing easier and better. Some of their great features include wired and wireless network connectivity, user-friendly LCD panels for easy navigation and use, and duplexers or double-sided printing.

Their Home and Student Series also come in small sleek packages that include an easy 10-minute installation system. Their multi-function all-in-one printers are also built to respond to any needs in the office, with its scanning, copying, and faxing features.

Reviews and Awards for Lexmark Printers

So what does Lexmark printer review say ? Lexmark printers have received various accolades for their performance, quality, and benefits.

Lexmark, as a company, has also won several recognitions for being a leader in the industry. That further adds to the many reasons why the printers produced by the company can indeed be trusted. Not only consumers and experts admire Lexmark and its products.

Even magazines and official business listings recognize the company’s top efforts. In fact, Lexmark was named as one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies. It was also listed as one of the Top 50 Manufacturers of the United States by Industry Week.

Other magazines and websites such as PC World, PC Magazine, and CNET, which offer product reviews, have also provided excellent ratings for Lexmark printers.

Pay Attention to Lexmark C534dn, T642, X342 and X5470

Some of the awarded printers include the

  • Lexmark C534dn,
  • the T642,
  • the X342n,
  • and the X5470.

All these printers are appreciated for their high-quality outputs and remarkable performance. This just shows that Lexmark is indeed an industry leader, and any product that comes with the Lexmark name can be trusted.

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