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Epson printers are included in the list of the most recognized and celebrated printers. When it comes to the printing industry, Epson is one of the top names.

The brand has been practically synonymous to faultless quality. Their printers are highly esteemed, not only for their individual virtues but for the fact that they have the Epson label on them.

Finding high-quality printers that exceeds expectations is very difficult, especially with the large number of products out there. But thanks to the brand Epson, you only have to look for that popular five-letter name and you can expect to find only the best quality printers.

As part of its vision of providing highly innovative products that provides exceptional solutions for consumers, Epson continues to provide even more products, each one packed with features and the unquestionable quality of every Epson printer. The Epson brand has managed to attract the consumers’ trust through their long history of reliable and impressive products even since the company first started as a general manufacturing company in 1975.

In fact, the company was officially christened the great printer brand that year because of its breakthrough product, the EP-101. After that, the rest was history, so to speak.

Epson Printers on the Market

epson printers As an industry expert, Epson has quite a lot of printers, each one carefully designed and sculpted to meet specific needs of consumers who are looking for the best quality printers.

The company offers six major product lines.

These are the

  • Epson Inkjet printers,
  • Epson All-in-Ones,
  • Epson Laser printers,
  • and other printers for special uses such as their Dot Matrix printers, Passbook printers, and printers designed for Professional Graphics printing.

Starting with their Inkjet line of printers, they have two main subcategories, the Epson Stylus series and the Picturemate.

1. Epson Sylus Series

The Epson Stylus series is rather popular, since it has the widest array of inkjet printers among all the other subcategories. The Stylus series is well-known for its sharp and precise printing using Epson’s special DURABrite ink. Under this series, they have low-cost printers, entry-level printers, high-speed printers, and also professional printers.

2. Picturemate Series

Their Picturemate inkjet series include printers fully optimized for producing lab-quality photo prints.

3. All-in-One Printers

Aside from their inkjet line, they also have an entire line of all-in-ones. These are especially made for the office and include a printer, copier, and scanner. Epson’s all-in-ones are award-winning products.

4. Laser

Then, they also have the Laser line of printers. Their laser line, the Aculaser, is a very impressive printer series. Under this category, they have three other groups of printer models, the Multi-Function Laser printers, the Color Laser printers, and the Monochrome Laser printers.

5. Multi-function Epson Choices

Their best multi-function includes the Aculaser CX11N, among many others. Their Color Laser printers are also very impressive, with high-speeds and remarkable print quality packed with networking features and user-friendly interfaces for optimized use at the office.

They also have the monochrome printers, models of which include some from the Aculaser series or the EPL series.

Best Features of Epson Printers

The best features of printers from Epson are their unmatched quality that boasts of a precision and sharpness that other printer brands are hard-pressed to achieve, as well as the other standard features added to the printers.

To make usage more customer-oriented, they throw around a mix of the following features when they create their printers. They have models with networking capabilities, special ink systems, and Epson software for user-friendly usage of the products.

And since Epson is a trusted name in the business, they can offer whatever features you are looking for. Name it, and you can trust this printer expert to deliver.

More Than Just Excellent Ratings for Epson Printers

Through the years, Epson has been known for their exceptional printers. Their products get not only excellent ratings, but garner awards left and right.

Experts, even when reviewing Epson printers, have to remind themselves to be objective, which is not the tendency from the moment they read the label on the Epson printer to be reviewed. And Epson’s large collection of loyal customers is a testament to its remarkable mark as a printer brand.

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