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Photo printer reviews can help you overcome your confusion as to which photo printer is best to buy. The best photo printers printers are difficult to choose from. Not only do they come in large numbers; photo printers also have very high standards and quite a lot of requirements to meet.

Photo printers need to have exceptional print quality that can mirror the print quality of lab-developed photos. Photos also have to be printed on special paper and should last a long time, in the process resisting fading, smudging, and any exposure to water.

And these are just in terms of print quality alone. There are several other factors that can be used to determine the quality of a photo printer. So the role that photo printer reviews play is indeed important.

So which printers get the approval of the reviews?

Photo Printer Reviews Give their Thumbs Up To the Best Picks

  • Epson Stylus, One of the Best Photo Printers
  • Canon Pixma
  • Hp Photosmart Series Photo Printer Reviews

1. Epson Stylus Photo Printers

One of the most popular photo printer series is the Epson Stylus, Epson’s own photo printer series using special inkjet printing technology and high-quality Epson’s Ultra Chrome High-Gloss pigment inks that are meant to create vibrant colors that do not fade even as the years go by. Epson’s Stylus printers also print using 1.5 picoliter ink droplets and an optimized resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 dpi, which means photos are capture by the detail. Some of the models are also equipped with special print settings for borderless printing and direct CD or DVD printing.

One of the complete Epson Stylus packages is the Photo R800, which can print 5x7 inch photos in just 45 seconds and can also print documents at top quality and a rate of 17 ppm. The printer, as an added feature, is equipped with a hi-speed USB 2.0 port and FireWire interfaces. All in all, the R800 has a monthly duty cycle of 25,000 pages and is one of the most reliable best photo printers around, especially in print quality.

photo printer reviews2. Canon Pixma Photo Printing Technology

Exceeding the 1.5-picoliter ink droplets of Epson, Canon brings it down a notch lower with its 1 to 2 picoliter size droplets released by its patented FINE technology print head. This is the main technology behind the success of Canon’s Pixma series. But aside from the very precise prints of the Canon Pixma series, the machines are also laden with several special features such as duplex printing and Canon’s individual ink tank system, which means you only have to replace the colors that are depleted.

One of the most popular Canon Pixma printers in photo printer reviews is the iP4000, which received a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. The iP4000 can achieve prints of 600x600 dpi black and 4800x1200 color resolution. Prints are fed at a rate of 25 ppm black and 17 ppm color, and you can print small borderless photos in seconds. The iP4000 is also equipped with a built-in double-sided printing feature, a direct print port, and PictBridge for digital camera connectivity.

3. HP Photosmart Photo Printer Review - for Intelligent Photo Printing

If Epson has Stylus and Canon has Pixma, HP, another industry leader, also came up with its HP Photosmart, its own photo printer series and another favorite in photo printer reviews. The HP Photosmart printers offer exceptional print quality, but most of the printers are especially filled with various features. Some of the features you might find in the HP Photosmart printers include USB, Ethernet, and PictBridge connectivity and compatibility with both PC and Mac, frame-by-frame video printing not offered by other brands, and built in memory card slots for PC-less operation.

One of the top rating HP Photosmart models is the 8450, which prints at 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi color resolution and can produce black and colored prints in 20 ppm both. The machine churns out brilliant 4x6 photos and this can be done in under 27 seconds. The Photosmarts as a group may be the best photo printers you'll come across

Other Factors Photo Printer Reviews Consider For the Best Photo Printer

If you really want to make the best photo printer, you should pay attention to what photo printer reviews say. This will help point out several other factors that affect the overall quality of photo printers. The most important is, naturally, the printing capabilities. Aside from the overall print quality, you should also consider connectivity options, as well as the addition of either Ethernet or Wi-Fi features to help you and your family or colleagues make the best use of the photo printers.

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