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What are the best photo printers 2011 choices ? This photo printer reviews 2011 article gets into this. Photo printers are designed to do only one thing that is to print photos and let us give you an insight of the best photo printers that have proven their worth in the past years and are here to stay for the coming years.

First, why do we need to buy photo printers when most printers can print photos? What are the features we are looking for in photo printers and will these be enough to give you the best photo printers you are looking for?

Most photographers and users who are keen in printing photos usually prefer to have photo printers that has the usual LCD display with higher resolutions which is essential in printing photos. While most photo printers only makes use of specialty ink cartridges containing more colors particularly the cyan and magenta. Using these colors of course helps most photo printers in producing quality prints.

Numerous photo printers only use a PictBridge that makes printing photos directly from your camera easily. Photo printer inks typically last longer than any regular inkjet inks and most manufacturers have inks that last for over a hundred years. Combine this with high quality photo paper and you will have long lasting photo quality prints.

In these photo printer reviews 2011 you will see the top photo printers that you can avail for the coming years and will help you decide which photo printer is right for you. So, if you’re looking for a photo printer this 2011 you will be concerned mainly in having high quality photos and you need to make sure that you are making the right choice.

Photo Printer Reviews 2011 – The Best Photo Printers of the Year

  • Canon Pixma iP4820
  • Canon Selphy ES3
  • HP Photosmart B8550 Photo Printer

photo printer reviews 20111. Canon Pixma iP4820 Review

The Canon Pixma iP4820 is a photo printer that provides you high quality photos. It contains an automatic duplexer and has a PictBridge that allows you to print directly from your camera. Although, printing full – page graphics tends to make a plain paper curl, the Canon PixmaiP4820 offers fast speed, high quality photo output and has an exceptional paper handling for a personal printer that is suitable for both home and office use.

Setting it up the Canon Pixma iP4820 is very standard for a Canon inkjet and the only thing that limits this printer for home and personal use is that you can only use it through a USB cable. You will be impressed with its fast speed that goes hand in hand with high quality output. It provides one of the best photo qualities you can find among inkjets. It does reasonably well in printing black and white photos considering its low price.

The Pixma iP4820 have higher running costs compared to its competitor but what makes it standout is that it delivers more than attractive balance features. It provides better photo speed printing and a bit better quality text and photo print output.

2. Canon Selphy ES3

The Canon Selphy ES3 has an amazing memory that can store 999 photos and one of the most remarkable small – format photo printers in the market. It has a print pack that can hold both dye roll and paper and photo print outs are highly water resistant. It may be somewhat heavy for a small – format photo printer and has problems printing diagonal lines.

The Canon Selphy ES3 is a devoted photo printer that has a complete balance of features including speed, photo quality, price, cost per print and a lot more and has a 1GB internal memory compared to its previous model Canon Selphy ES2. The printer also has a 3.5 inch screen allowing you to show your photos to family and friends. It also allows you to print copies on the spot.

The Canon Selphy ES3 is rather heavy for a thermal – dye – based photo printer. The ES3 owes it’s somewhat huge size to the way it handles paper, combining paper and ink into a single cartridge. Setting up the ES3 is easy as well.

In spite of its minor imperfection the Canon Selphy ES3 is a very smart photo printer to have.

3. HP Photosmart B8550 Photo Printer

The HP Photosmart B8550 Photo Printer is aimed at consumers than serious photographers. It prints stunning, high quality photos of up to 13 x 19 inches including graphics. It has a second tray to accommodate up to 5 x 7 papers. One thing about the B8550 Photo Printer is that it is not designed for printing on wide range of fine art paper. It is limited as well using HP’s Advanced photo paper but it is one of the less expensive and impressive HP photo printers and a much more of a high – end consumer printer. It uses dye – based inks with shorter lifespan but this still last for a hundred years.

It has the ability to print directly from a USB key, memory card or PictBridge camera and it has an LCD that allows you to preview your photos before printing. Just like most photo printers the B8550 is easy to set up.

The B8550 Photo Printer is one of the faster tabloid – sized inkjets you’ll find in the market while producing superb photos.

In summary, the HP Photosmart B8550 Photo Printer is an excellent and inexpensive printer that combines photo quality, speed and large – format printing.

What are the Top Photo Printer Choices of 2011?

As mentioned earlier choosing your choice of top photo printers 2011 is dependent on what you need and what suits you. Early photo reviews 2011 has provided you diverse photo printers which helps you what type of photo printers you can expect this coming year. Some photo printers may be designed based on their predecessors’ features and some will be all new photo printers with all new and better features.

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