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The Importance of Product Reviews :

The advent of online transactions impressed most consumers as the best thing the Internet ever had to offer. People saw the convenience of browsing along pages of merchandise, checking out features and costs by merely clicking away.
Recent studies show that majority of the online shoppers base their purchasing decisions by getting information from product reviews. They get to narrow down their selections by exploring reviews by online consumer peers.

Based on statistics about 70% active online shoppers find customer reviews and ratings in the retailer’s web pages as very useful and informative.

Lately, however, the more recent trend showed that rather than visiting the retailer’s websites as well as its known competitors just to gather research data, some 82% of these shoppers changed their online shopping styles by reading more on reviews from people who basically shared the same interest as theirs.    
Indeed, you can find a host of reviews in the Internet, which can also prove to be time consuming since most of these reviews are scattered across the web. You couldn’t even be too sure that what you will be clicking on next will really be useful and unbiased. Hence, some retailers, will just go back to visiting different product websites, compare prices, features, and look for some consumer reviews if any.

However, there’s an innovative way to go about this. Some websites offer exactly these types of information by consolidating reviews for a single product. Let’s say a consumer is on the lookout for a computer printer, all one has to do is go to this website that contains all printer reviews, thus, making life much easier for the online consumer.
Here you can find all printer reviews according to use whether for home/personal or professional/office use. You can also find all printer reviews categorized according to top brands and those that most consumers are likely to be on the lookout for.    
They don’t leave out those special purpose printers either. You’ll find all printer reviews about special purpose printers like those specifically designed for photo printing

All important aspects such as price, print quality, speed, machine size, and even the actual users’ reviews whether positive or negative, are compiled and discussed in a one-stop all printer review

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