Best High Volume Printers 2011

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Best High Volume Printers 2011

Best High Volume Printers 2011

Businesses that require a large amount of printouts can consider the devices mentioned in the Best High Volume Printers 2011. There was a time when massive printing left users with a limited choice of inkjet or laser printers. Nowadays, with innovation and technology, there are other types of printers that are more reliable in this regard.

Best High Volume Printers 2011 presents the top devices that provide the functions that are necessary in volume printing. They need to be sturdy and easy to maintain to prevent slowdown of work. They, also, need to have good paper handling features such as having the capability of handling a minimum of 4000 sheets and supporting large sheets of up to 11” x 17”. It would be vital for them to have networking capabilities for the user to be able to print from other computers.

1. HP D640 is a high end volume printer but it is worth all the investment with the quality of printouts it provides together with the superb support and service that comes with it. This reliable printer includes several features that are beneficial to businesses.

It is capable of printing at a fast rate of 40 pages per minute, has a maximum paper capacity of 4,500 sheets and can support sheets up to 11” x 17” in size. It can, also, print labels and transparencies.
HP D640 has an external HP Jet Direct print server that makes it possible to do jobs from network operating systems to external networks.

2. HP LaserJet 9040DN is a high volume printer that provides maximum performance. It has good paper handling features such as an 8-bin mailbox, stapler/stacker and multifunction finisher.

HP LaserJet 9040DN is versatile since it is capable of automatic duplex printing. It, also, lessens the chance of user interference and has options of advanced finishing. It is cost efficient since it saves on time and unnecessary expenses. It consists of integrated solutions to effectively manage your business.

The first page prints out fast at a mere 8 seconds. It has a maximum print speed of 40 pages per minute for mono and has an input capacity of 1100 sheets. It has a maximum duty cycle of 300,000 pages. It can print on different forms of media such as plain paper, letterhead, transparencies, cardstock and labels.

3. Epson DFX-9000 Dot Matrix Printer is known as the serial impact printer that computes the pages per minute based on the number of characters. It allows a number of 1550 characters per minute as compared to regular printers with 440 cps.

Epson DFX-9000 Dot Matrix Printer is the fastest 9 pin heavy duty matrix printer. It is capable of handling heavy and demanding workloads. It has USB, several and parallel interfaces.

It is a tough and reliable workhorse that features a 400-million character print head life and a 15-million ribbon cartridge. These minimize the need for user intervention. It has advanced paper handling features that allow many applications including bar codes, checks, invoices, continuous forms and spreadsheets, among others.

4. Konica Minolta BizHub PRO 1050E is the printer you need when you want to print enormous print jobs. It provides exceptional speed, at 105 pages per minute and a maximum capacity of 9000 sheets. It is capable of doing print jobs up to a size of 12” x 18” It has remarkable networking capabilities.

Konica Minolta BizHub PRO 1050E is a high performance printer that is durable, dependable, versatile and fast in printing. These are the attributes that commercial printers look for in a digital production system.

Summary of Best High Volume Printers 2011

HP D640, HP LaserJet 9040DN,Epson DFX-9000 Dot Matrix Printer and Konica Minolta BizHub PRO 1050E are the Best High Volume Printers 2011 that consumers should watch out for. They are reliable and cost efficient making them beneficial to businesses. They provide the necessary paper handling features and the versatility to print on different forms of media. They are faster and more efficient printers that users can depend on.

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