Best Printers for Photos - A Guide in Choosing Best Photo Printers

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How do you choose the best printers for photos if there are too many models to choose from? Selecting the best one that you need can be difficult. Then, what you need is a guide on how you can choose the best printer for your photos. If you have guide to lead you on how you can select the best printers for photos that fits your budget and needs most likely you can perfectly pick one good photo printer for your use.

Here are the seven areas you can consider when buying the best printers for photos which you can use as a guide. Follow this guide when you make your selection and you are on the right tract in buying the best photo printer that will suit you.


The only way to know if a printer is good is to see its performance. Most of the time buying on the internet which is more convenient restricts you from seeing it. There are still ways to know if a photo printer will meet your expectations when it comes to quality. Find out the number of ink it uses. This will give you an idea about the spectrum of colors it can produce. The more ink it has the wider its spectrum.


You can always find a good photo printer for a $100. If there are extra features and you think you can use them when printing your photos then pay more. If not, then stick to your budget.

Media Size

Consider the size of photos you want to print. The usual photo that you see printed from a photolab is 6 x 4 in but there are printers which can print A4 and A3 size prints including a range of different sizes in between. If you want to print 6 x 4 in only then select a model that prints this size alone. If you’re looking for other alternatives other than printing 6 x 4 in or a printer than can print some text then select a printer than handles A4 printouts.

Printer Size

You can choose between photo printers that you can place on your desk or a portable printer. Portable printers allows you the flexibility to bring your printer anywhere you want but these can also cost you a lot of money. It is limited in printing 6 x 4 in as well. If you’re comfortable having a portable printer you can always go for it. But if you want something that cost less you can always opt for one you can place on your desk.

Ease of Use

Choose a printer that is easier for you to use. Don’t just choose high – end printers because of all the features and settings it has or printers which allows you to print with the use of computers. What is important is you have a printer that allows you flexibility when using them.


Most speed quotes are either exact, less or more. Expect the unexpected when it comes to printing speed. The most important thing is having your photos printed the way you want them.


When buying a printer consider the price of consumables as well. It is best to choose printers that have separate ink tanks instead of buying something wherein you need to replace the whole unit when one ink runs out. If you can also find a photo printer that can print a least some text then you’re in for a good buy.

Use these guidelines when buying your best printers for photos and you will surely get your money’s worth while perfectly pick the right printer that suits your needs.

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