Best Samsung Printers 2011 Reviews

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Best Samsung Printer Reviews 2011

Best Samsung Printer Reviews 2011

Many consumers who pay for quality may be wary of buying electronics within the lower price range but when it comes to Samsung Printers, they won’t think twice since they get more value than what they pay for, but what are the best Samsung Printers 2011 picks ? These printing devices are very affordable yet they offer more with the efficient features they have.

Samsung Printers come in different models. There are those available in mono and color. There are also multifunctional types. Each comes in a compact design that this brand is known for. For this reason, it is favored by many users due to its portability and space saving feature. These printers are user-friendly which makes them a, likely, choice in most offices.

1. Samsung ML-1630 Printer comes in a smooth and glossy packaging which is very much unlike a typical printer that comes in white or gray. It is compact with its dimensions of 4.78" x 13.07" x 14.76. Buttons are hidden since the controls are sensitive to touch. It operates at only 45 decibels so it is one of the quietest printers. It has a printing resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi and has a print speed of 16 pages (A4) per minute. You can make use of any type and texture of paper on this printer.

2. Samsung ML-3051N Printer Monochrome Laser Printer is ideal for small and medium scale businesses. This device is able to handle paper well. It has a total paper capacity of 300 sheets and has a multipurpose tray for additional paper.

The Samsung ML-3051N Monochrome Laser Printer, despite its compact size, provides the same speed and lucidity that is present in large laser printers. It has a 30 page per minute print speed and has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. It has a memory of 64 MB with an option to increase up to a maximum of 320 MB. It has Parallel, USB and Ethernet capabilities and is compatible with PC, Mac and Linux operating systems.

This printer comes with handles on the side which makes it easy to carry around without the risk of dropping it.

3. Samsung SCX-4200 Printer is one of the smallest laser based flatbed multifunctional printers that is perfect for those who are strict on a budget. This is, since, it has a Save Toner function that saves on 40% of the toner as soon as the printer is activated. The replacement cartridge gives 3000 pages, making the user save on cost per page.

This printer, also, functions as a scanner and copier. It is one of the smallest laser printers in the market. Its print speed can compete with other brands on the high end. Though it is small in size, it is big in functions. It comes with an LCD screen on the printer with the menu.

The Samsung SCX-4200 Printer prints in black and white, only. It has an 18 page per minute print speed and has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. It has a paper capacity of 250 sheets and has a memory of 8MB.

As a photocopier, it has hi tech features. It is capable of copying on dual sides of a paper. It can do black and white printing of posters and can do multiple printing of a single picture on a sheet with the help of the Clone Copy. It has an Autofit Copy that allows an image to take up the space of an entire page.

Summary of the Best Samsung Printers 2011 choices

Samsung printers such as the Samsung ML-1630 Printer, Samsung ML-3051N Printer and Samsung SCX-4200 Printer are common in giving exceptional quality of prints at a high speed. They all come in compact designs that are more favorable to small working spaces.

These printers come with special features that are exclusive to this brand. The biggest advantage to picking this type of printer is its price. Yet, quality is not sacrificed, at all.

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