Brother Inkjet Garment Printer

by Orlando
(Los Angeles, LA)

Brother Inkjet Garment Printer

Brother Inkjet Garment Printer

It took me a lot of research before I finally settled on Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer . I was actually looking for something to upgrade my business with, to make the processing of my T-shirt products look updated by being digital. I asked around the net for advice about the Direct to Garment printers, which was constantly floating around the business circles. This seemed like a good investment prospect and I was thinking if a printer can print designs directly on more T-shirts that would mean a lot of manpower and energy saved.

However, economy for one is still not on the rise and it still feels like treading on troubled waters to invest in something relatively new. But I was not one who will join bandwagons only after the others have started making progress with it. I came across Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer which was described the way I wanted my intended investment to be. It's a digital garment printer and it gave a lot of good promise. I took the risk because I sensed that by being digital you somehow create an edge over all others.

Direct to Garment Printing :

Direct to Garment printing is the same as inkjet to garment printing; this means fewer manpower costs for my required 250 T-shirts a day. Needing less manpower will work fine for me since some workers don't show up on days when you need them the most. Regular workers tend to do extra time just to meet our deliveries. Now with the Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer, it meant less stress and anxiety on my part and more attention to quality. The regulars were overworked; this often resulted to poor quality and rejects. A digital direct to garment printer ensures quality in lines and details.

However in direct to garment printing you cannot expect the outcome to be the same as when you print on paper. There is much to consider about the type of material or substrate to be printed on. I make it a point to buy cotton that is densely woven yet finer in texture to provide the ideal print surface. I look for the ring-spun type of cotton which is a bit more expensive but will be compensated by the absence of rejects. I also have someone take charge of quality control before the actual direct to garment print takes place. They carefully look for fiber blocks because they tend to lift up after printing which is another cause for rejects.

Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer

Well this Brother GT 541 has done a lot of good for my business, because now I'm more confident in taking on bulk orders and not be anxious that some of the workers will not show up. A standard 10" x 12" only takes a minute to print then a heat press will finish the job in about 40 seconds. This Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer can print up to a size of 14"wx 16"l.

The platens where the T-shirts are spread out for printing have a special fabric for its surface, which keeps the shirt in place. The platens are adjustable in case you want to print some designs on the sleeves although you have to press the latter first. I do this only on a case to case basis where I can charge extra for the cost of additional electricity cost for sleeve-pressing.

The only downside to this Brother GT-541 Inkjet Garment Printer is its inability to print on dark hues like navy blue, black not even bottle-green. Nevertheless, I don't have too many orders for those colors. If in case there are, I just commission a sub-contractor to do it for me, rather than have the customer bring his business to others.

I intend to upgrade though but I'm waiting for something that's really well-advanced than the Brother GT 541 I’m using now. Business has been doing well with it and unless something more innovative comes up, this digital direct garment printing is still the most reliable and dependable for my business.

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