Brother MFC 8860DN

by Henry Smith Allen- Real Estate Agent
(Denver, Colorado)

Brother MFC 8860DN Laser Printer All-in-One with Duplex

Brother MFC 8860DN Laser Printer All-in-One with Duplex

So I bought this Brother MFC 8860DN laser printer for my small office. I really thought that the office needed a nice heavy duty printer to replace our old laser printer. This time I figured that it should be reliable and multi-functional so it can handle not just the daily office print outs but other requirements as well. My staff often has to resort to external services for our photocopying and scanning needs.

Well, the office surely needed one of those but I thought that getting a heavy duty printer and a photocopy machine would cost a lot. I almost gave up on looking for a good cheap printer and photocopy machine and would have settled for almost anything, albeit expensive.

I saw this Brother MFC-8860DN and bought it since it had all the features I needed from a printer with a photocopy machine and in fact, even more. The good part about it is that all of those functions are housed in a single unit. Now it turned out that I was not technologically up to date because I learned printers like this have long been introduced.

Here are the features of Brother MFC-8860DN laser printer that delighted me:

1. It is capable of being a fax machine, a scanner, a digital copier machine and a reducer and enlarger. Now my office staff can save digital copies of the important business documents, in case the original ones get damaged.

2. The digital copier mode is great as it can even be used not only to make a lot of copies but also to modify the size of the things scanned on the flatbed scanner. It can get individual pages scanned manually or you can use the automatic feeder for faster results. The best part is that it has a print rate of 21 pages per unit. It surely can keep up with the demands of my growing business.

3. The Brother MFC-8860DN laser printer supports automatic duplexing features. When I want a double sided page to be printed there is no need to flip the printed pages and feed them again. It will automatically print on both side of the paper when needed to.

4. It can also do double sided scanning. No more trying to set the paper twice and get it aligned right twice. You would only need to align it once then scan both sides of the paper. The scanner has 60x2400 dpi resolution for all your scanning needs.

Now here is the part I like best. It is not that I do not trust my staff. However, I have to make sure that the use of the machine will all be for office needs only. This way, my business will not be incurring overhead expenses more than it is actually using.

5. Since it is mainly designed for office use, it can be set with user accounts. Some of the staff will be allowed to use some features, but not all. This way there will be some form of internal control in the use of the machine. The administrator account will be the one to set the privileges on all the account modes. So if somebody is going to use the photocopying machine, he or she will have to ask permission first. All users then will have a log of their uses. As an office, the matter of cost efficiency will be addressed.

I really love this Brother MFC-8860DN laser printer because I did not have to buy two separate machines For only $400 I had two machines plus other features working out well in.

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