Brother MFC-7840W

by Michael Mills- Internet Marketer
(Atlanta, GA)

Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer

Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer

Buying this Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer is the result of my week long research on the best multi-function printer available. Actually, I had two considerations in mind while I was searching the net for a printer.

• It should have the Energy Star mark which means it is cost efficient.

• It should have multi-function capacity.

It is not that I am into the go green movement and all that, but Energy star meant it has been tested for energy efficiency and that makes a lot of sense for me. I live in a small flat and I need a copier, a scanner aside from a printer but these features should be all rolled into one. My flat cannot afford the space it would need to have separate equipment for all these functions. Thus, I narrowed my choices by using these two considerations,

Luckily enough, this sleek looking Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer is one of the latest releases by Brother Printers and it immediately caught my eye. It is compact yet it can do a lot of tasks and exactly all that I was looking for. It can even work wireless which is a bonus feature for me.

I asked the store depot for a demo and they were kind enough to accommodate me as far as scanning and copying. They showed me samples of the prints and I liked what I saw. To cut the story short, I bought this Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer and so far I have been completely satisfied with its performance. Here are the features that make it great:

1. The print outputs are of high quality; it prints at a fast speed at 23 pages per minute.

2. I can say that everything about it is faultless. The copier is more than I expected because it has the capacity to reduce and enlarge the documents aside from producing copies that look so much like the original.

3. Even the fax machine has a lot of capabilities although I have not explored it because fax capabilities were not really a requirement for me.

4. It took me only 5 minutes to install it, including the drivers and everything just came out clean.

5. All its functions, print, scan, copy and fax are all clearly labeled.

Now if I were to write something negative about it just for the sake of putting something to offset its good qualities, I would say that some people would have wanted this Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer to have an auto duplex and a legal size flat-bed. A 64mb memory could enhance it but I do not think that is a negative factor because for its price and performance the 32mb seems sufficient.

This Brother MFC-7840W Laser Printer is highly recommended. Not only is it energy efficient, every function performed so far has been efficient.

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