Canon Bubble Jet Printer Review

by William Rowan Architect
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Canon Bubble Jet

Canon Bubble Jet

Let me tell you how the Canon i350 Bubble Jet printer could be a great investment. This printer helps me win over investors with my presentations and lets me print personal photos faster than a photo lab with the same image quality. It is of great use to me personally and professionally as it fits my personality very well.

Usability of the Canon i350 Bubble Jet Printer as a Business Investment :

As an architect I am expected to create perfect structural designs and I have to present them with much conviction so they will be chosen over all the other designs that were submitted. That was exactly the problem with my previous color printers; I had problems with color accuracy. Sometimes the photos do not appear as they should.

Things started to change when I began using the Canon i350 bubble jet printer; I was able to get the sense of realism in my designs. I now get the feeling that top management is impressed whenever I hand over the conceptual view of what my building should look like when it is finished. Even though the designs are just digital sketches of what the buildings should look like, the Canon i350 bubble jet printer helps by making them look very real

Usability of the Canon i350 Bubble Jet Printer as a Personal Equipment :

I find this bubble jet printer useful not only in the office but also at home. My wife and I use it to print our family pictures in the comfort of our own home. The quality I get from the Canon i350 is no less like the photos printed in the photo lab. It consistently delivers its promise of printing quality photos that has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. Since I was really in to my Canon i350, I even did some research on why it works so well:

1. I found out that it uses the MicroFine Droplet technology. It works by ejecting microscopic droplets on to the paper with accurate measurements as to how much it should apply on the paper. No wonder it can produce photos with clear and crisp lines. This is exactly why it is good for my business presentations.

2. As for the photo quality printing I appreciate the fact that it is capable of printing on photo paper but does not leave white borders on the edges. It can print from one edge to another saving me the hassle of having to cut away the blank edges. Using Canon photo papers with the Canon i350 Bubble Jet Printer can take the place of those photo labs that take too long to print even with digital photos. Now I can print high quality photos in just a few minutes.

The only setback is that it can only make 4R and 5R borderless photos. Still the colored printing works on regular white paper. The images just would not come out glossy.

3. Now here is another edge that this Canon i350 Bubble Jet Printer has over my old color printer. I am also fond of surfing the net and I find its Easy Webprint software to be very useful. It can be attached as a plug-in in my web browser and will be able to print directly on paper, the page I am visiting.

4. The exceptional feature is the ability of this bubble jet printer to automatically scale the web page to a size that will fit the paper I am printing on. If I want to, I can even scale multiple web pages down to size and print all of them on a single sheet of paper.

5. In fact, it even improves the images that were only designed for web viewing. The Easy Webprint feature of this Canon i350 Bubble Jet Printer exerts extra effort to improve the quality of the image, since it is a fact that a typical web image has a low resolution for faster loading of the page. This smart and intuitive technology clearly elevates the quality of home office colored printing.

I do not think I have to go into details as far as technical features are concerned. The fact that it produces the finest looking colored prints and cleanest looking text makes me one proud owner of this Canon i350 Bubble Jet Printer. I am so obviously pleased with it that my wife says what I have just written is more of a testimonial than a review. Just the same, I am writing this because I highly recommend it.

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