Canon DreamLabo 5000 Printer Review

by John - Expert Reviewer

 Canon DreamLabo 5000 Printer Review

Canon DreamLabo 5000 Printer Review

There are a lot of printers in the market that can print in good quality, however, aspiring for perfection in high production is Canon’s life-long commitment and this is apparent in this Canon DreamLabo 5000 Printer review. This talks about the new commercial inkjet printer that takes retail photo printing and print on demand (POD) to a whole new level. This is Canon’s initial offering in the production photo printing market. It offers an alternative to the silver halide processing technology.

It makes use of a print head that has the brand’s integrated FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) Technology. This allows superior quality printing of photos and text. This is shown in exceptional output like posters, calendars and photo albums, among others.

It, fully, utilizes Canon’s distinctive color gamut with the help of Image Processing Technology. This lets it infuse images with precision by means of mimicking bright colors of blue and yellow in bright areas of images, for a high level of expression. Somehow, you cannot come close to this with silver halide photography. In addition to this, the system lets it impart images with a feeling of gravity by copying dark colors in dark areas of images.


DreamLabo 5000 is equipped with high density print head that has been enhanced, with the expansion of Canon’s FINE Technology. This extremely wide print head allows printing up to a maximum width of 305 mm, which makes it ideal for high quality production photo printing.

This printer comes with a 7-color dye based ink system consisting of CMYK colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, black plus photo cyan, photo magenta and gray, which achieves a wider range of color for better control in accuracy. The addition of the gray ink gives stable reproduction of color and reduces color casts.

The new print head enables printing at a high resolution covering the paper’s full width. So, with 7 of them in a fixed line, this printer can deliver high speed performance in just one pass. This device has been created to offer more efficiency and higher speeds than traditional ink jet printers.

It has automatic dual sided printing that offers convenience, especially, when printing 2-sided documents and photo albums. It saves on time by printing two sides at one time. It, also, saves on costs of paper and energy. It comes with a standard double auto cutter that, mechanically, cuts both sides of printed photos with speed and accuracy. So you don’t have to spend time and effort cutting them, manually.

To enable high productivity given by continuous flow of printing, the DreamLabo incorporates the Double Paper Magazine System. It comes with two paper rolls so in case the printer runs out of paper it, automatically, replaces it by feeding paper from the second roll. This system accommodates an optional deck with two other paper rolls totaling four in all. This prevents the interruption of print jobs during high volume printing.

The printer’s unique double ink tank system has the same function of uninterrupted printing by enabling ink replacement even during the printing process. It has a double sorting feature that, automatically, arranges output according to size or order. So the small sizes can be classified to the smaller 10-bin sorter while the bigger sizes are positioned in the larger 10-bin sorter.

It has an easy to maintain design wherein you can do the periodic maintenance procedure, yourself. This allows you to replace the consumed parts so you don’t need to wait long for repair service. This system reduces printing downtime.

To, further, achieve optimal results in printing; it has an optional Digital Photo Image Enhancement that inspects the captured images and makes the necessary changes that suits each type of setting or background. It corrects a red eye and enhances complexion. This printer creates beautiful photos even without the process of calibration that is time-consuming.


The DreamLabo measures 135.04” W x 63” D x 60.63” H and weighs 5,511 lbs. It prints (single sided) at a fast speed of 40 pages per minute for a size 4” x 6”. It is capable of duplex printing at a speed of 20 pages for a size 8.27" x 11.69 (A4). It makes use of loadable paper supply of either 2 rolls or 4 rolls with an optional paper deck. It can handle media forms such as glossy paper and silky paper for single-sided printing. It can support media forms like satin paper and luster paper for dual-sided printing.


DreamLabo 5000 is rich in features that are incorporated with innovative technologies to let it deliver high performance speed and high quality output. Its exceptional printing is brought about by Canon’s new print head that incorporates the FINE technology, the brand’s unique color gamut and its 7-color ink system. This combination results to images with color precision and with reduced color casts. Printed photos can, further, be modified with an optional image enhancement feature.

Convenience of use is provided by its auto duplex printing capability that saves time, energy and paper and an auto double cutter that cuts both sides of paper in a faster and a more efficient way. It, also, has a double sorter that organizes output, according to size.

Continuous printing, without downtime, is made possible with loadable paper rolls is 2’s or 4’s. This replaces paper with no interference in printing. Its double ink tank system, likewise, replaces ink consumed while you print. On the other hand, its easy to maintain design doesn’t require downtime or the services of an expert since you can do the periodic maintenance procedures.

The blend of high productivity with excellent text and photo quality has set a new standard with the introduction of this printer and with Canon’s entry to the production photo printing market, it has secured its spot as the leader in digital imaging. This has been proven by means of this Canon DreamLabo 5000 Printer review.

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