Canon Image CLASS D320

by Sue Anne
(Hartford, Connecticut)

Canon Image CLASS D320 Personal Digital Copier and Printer

Canon Image CLASS D320 Personal Digital Copier and Printer

My aunt bought this Canon Image CLASS D320 because it had more capabilities as Personal Digital Copier and Printer, based on my suggestion of course. I'm glad it was not a let down or it would have been my reliability that could have gone down. My aunt was actually choosing between an all-in-one where there's a scanner and fax but I told her that the kind of material we print require a more capable kind of copier.

You see my aunt, operates a music school and we provide the music pieces. It would be embarrassing to charge the students extra if we were to furnish them with photocopies that looked liked photo copies. I guess you'll be bringing up copyright issues here but give us and the students a break, it's much cheaper than buying an original piece.

The Canon Image CLASS D320as a Personal Digital Copier and Printer come up with duplications that looked like their originals. Whole Notes looked as black as they could be while the dotted notes were perceivable as dotted notes. If you are familiar with reading music pieces, you'll know what I mean about getting these facts straight.

What is even more likable with this Canon Image CLASS D320 is that it prints and copies with considerable speed. Students don't have to wait long if they wanted other music pieces to be copied. I guess the fact that it can make two-sided copies with very little manual action needed makes it speedy.

I am quite surprised that other users have been blaming the Canon Image CLASS D320 for misalignment. I've printed and photo copied about hundreds of music pieces but not once have I experienced misalignment. I simply make sure that the original being copied stays on the glass secured and on the right spot. Although jams, not misalignment happens but their not too hard to troubleshoot either because the machine will tell you where the trouble is.

I'm really satisfied with this Canon Image CLASS D320 even from the very start since I had no problems installing it. One more thing that impressed my aunt was that it didn't add much to our utility cost as far as electricity is concerned. This machine doesn't take long to start up because you can keep it at an energy-saving mode once you turn it on.

I love this Canon Image CLASS D320 because it makes me look competent while in-charge of the administrative side of my aunt's music school.

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