Canon Image CLASS Laser Printer

by Jason
(Shaw, Canada )

Canon Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer

Canon Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer

I am surprised why some people complain about Canon Image Laser Printer. It is being faulted for its single cartridge system that contains the blank ink dye and toner. Perhaps users should consider the fact that this is a laser printer which is expected to consume ink in greater capacity than the ordinary inkjet but has proven to be more efficient if voluminous workload will meet the single cartridge capacity.

For one, this machine is not at all recommended for home office where you will run the machine for only a few copies of reports; because that would surely be wasting the ink being mobilized by the printer to print from its memory.

I work for an institution engaged in providing textbooks, workbooks, study guides and customized textbooks for distance learning. This is of course different from the exercises that students download. So you could just imagine the amount of text documents that we have to print and why we have to use a laser printer instead of the inkjet type. The Canon's Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer is literally a workhorse and this is the type of work where a laser printer and its ink usage are best maximized.

In the first place, Canon's Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer was designed specifically for tons of work. Its paper capacity in a single loading allows a maximum of 250 pages, definitely beyond the expected workload of a home office. But for the organization I work for, this feature meets the capacity we need in printing workbooks and study guides.

At the speed of 23ppm per page and its double-sided printing capability, this laser printer is the ideal printer to use in our kind of printing demands. Its efficiency meets the range of our workload and consistently produces text documents with impressive quality in clarity.

In addition, the auto document feeder is a great feature in handling an average of 200 pages used per single printing task. Imagine the amount of time it would take us if we were to manually feed, refill and flip over the pages during the two-sided printing cycle and the time it would take for the ink to dry if inkjet technology and not laser printing was used.

The single cartridge system has also proven its benefits to us, since cartridge replacement has to deal with only one unit for both toner and ink replacement in just a single uncomplicated stroke.

All these benefits are realized because we have adhered to the principle of matching our printing needs to the most suitable printer we could find and that is Canon's Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer.

Even its fax messaging capacity can respond quickly to the demands of our office as a provider of distance learning materials. The Super G3 Fax of this AIO printer is true to its promise of delivering fax messages at the speed of 33.6 Kbps or thereabout.

The lone setback we found fault with before has long been provided with the solution it needed. When this machine was acquired in 2008, we complained about the scanning process as incompletely inoperable. The machine simply did not respond to our scanning commands as we pressed the "scan" and "start" button but instead went into the copier mode.

Nevertheless, the people at Canon listened and fixed it with the release of a firmware to correct the deficiency, and this was around early 2009. So generally, the printer became totally faultless for our company in the long run.

In fact, we are currently using three units of this Canon Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer because we have been recommended well in our line of work.

Canon's Image CLASS MF4350d Laser AIO Printer is a powerful workhorse that meets its match in a business environment fully engaged in voluminous workload of text documents, and not at all in a home office.

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