Canon iP2600 Review

by Simone J. Banks- Choreographer/Dance Instructor
(NYC, New York)

Canon iP2600

Canon iP2600

Christmas is almost here and what I am about to share with you about Canon iP2600 Inkjet Photo Printer, is how it helped me come up with a cost saving gift-giving idea last year. The only reason I bought this equipment was the need for a photo printer that could print digital photos. I did not have much expectation because I was not really a printer buff.

I was quite amazed at the quality of the borderless pictures that it produced. They were very refined and quite comparable with the lab developed pictures I used to pay for. My friend was right when he recommended Canon. If it was photo jobs that I was after, Canons print head and its FINE technology will do the trick. The great photos made me explore the other features of this Canon iP2600 Inkjet Photo Printer.

Canon-iP2600-Inkjet-Photo Printer - A Great Tool for Creating Cost-Saving Personalized Gifts :

I tried dabbling with the printer and its ability to print on photo stickers and T-shirt transfers. Wonder of wonders, my first tries really worked! I was able to personalize my coffee mug with my own picture. I converted an organic and plain looking dog cushion into something great because I was able to transfer my dogs photo on the fabric. Needless to say I got so addicted with the endless possibilities that Canon iP2600 Inkjet Photo Printer allowed me to create. By Christmas time, I was able to stash more than enough gift items for the holidays with absolutely very minimal costs.

I got most of the ideas from sites that made use of photo stickers and T-shirt transfers but coming up with other ways to present the photos as gift can sure make use of your own imagination. For my mom, because I know how much she misses me, I printed a deck of playing cards which showcased the daily dance routines that I do. I even inserted one or two photos where I was out with a favorite dating and dancing partner which was a bad idea. She kept asking me when she will be hearing wedding bells.  From what I heard from my Dad, Mom never lets a day pass without playing with the deck of cards just to have an excuse to look at my pictures.

Canon-iP2600-Inkjet-Photo Printer- Is Great Because :
1. I bought the printer for only $50 including shipping costs and it is so reliable that I got another one as my back-up unit. In fact, this Christmas I bought one for my Mom so she can also save with her gift-giving expenses for next year.

2. The Canon-iP2600-Inkjet-Photo Printer has this Auto Image Fix feature that is so intuitive it automatically adjusts my photos with regard to color or contrast. You are sure to have great looking images even if you are not good at taking pictures at proper angles to achieve the best lighting effects.

3. It only takes me less than a minute to print a 4 x 6 borderless photo. No need to worry about smudging because the printer makes use of a specially formulated pigment black ink to make your photos absolutely smudge-free.

4. Considering that it prints out photos, it does not use a lot of ink. No wonder this Canon-iP2600-Inkjet-Photo Printer was awarded with the Energy Star recognition because it really is cost-efficient.

There now, I hope my personal review of this Canon iP2600 Inkjet Photo Printer will give you ideas on how you can come up with your own gift-giving solutions not only for the holiday season but all throughout the year. My friends just love it when I start taking their photos. They know for sure that they will be getting a personalized gift with their photo on it and not just a copy of the picture.

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