Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer

by Brett Spencer
(San Diego, California)

Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer

Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer

This is my review as a user of Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer. The type of business I am in needs a photo printer machine that could print borderless and I am glad I decided on this Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer to do the job. My business is quite new and I had to make sure that the printing machine I used has the capability to produce prints with high resolution and can be true to every details. After going through selections and actual demonstrations, I chose Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer and I am glad it does what every review says it does well, produce high quality borderless prints.

My task is mainly to duplicate print designs and convert them into stencils used for copying the print of a wall paper in fabrics or vice versa. This job is usually commissioned by a professional Interior decorator who has quite an eye for details. In fact, she comes up with intricate original designs that she wants to be followed exactly to a tee. She wants to impress her clients who are mostly wealthy European homeowners. Hence, it is a must that the printer I use can do the job of duplicating her designs to provide me with clear lines I can work on as stencils.

This Canon photo printer comes ably equipped with a print head technology that can eject minuscule droplets as small as 1 picoliter in order to achieve the most desirable resolution of the print designs. Each line is well defined, precise and has no blur that could detract me from recreating the original design into stencil form.

The 5-color ink system and its four dye-based inks and pigment-based black ink produces photos with a quality similar to that of laser prints. It is also great that I need to replace only each color tank that runs out.

It is a very dependable Canon photo printer that has an Auto Photo Fix feature that enables the Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printerto self adjust into producing photo prints with realistic skin tones as well as sharpness and clarity. It is also capable of making the red-eye go away.

There are two handy paper trays that make it easy for me to provide two different kinds of paper without the need to switch if I had to print either documents or photos. This is very convenient for me because I easily get irritated with having to stop the work flow by something as simple as paper provisions.

It takes me little time to power up the Canon photo printer which is also a plus factor to make time for other tasks, rather than having to stand attention just waiting for it to come alive.

I was able to buy this Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer at an affordable price, $95. If business goes well, I might be able to buy the all in one type of printer since I like the way Canon and its print head technology deliver the kind of photo imaging I need.

It has great connectivity features since you can print PC less via Pictbridge for your digital cameras or USB connection if you will print photos coming from your camera phone.

This Canon photo printer also boasts of a system that can accordingly make the photo outputs last up to 300 years. I think this is already overkill though because nobody in this lifetime can live long enough to attest to the veracity of their claim about photos lasting 300 years.

Still, based on how good this Canon iP4600 Inkjet Photo Printer has been to me and my business, I can say this is a good start between me and my future Canon photo printers.

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