Canon iP90 Printer
Quality Photo Printer You Can Bring Around

Canon iP90 Printer Canon iP90 Printer made with the unfailing quality promised only by Canon, can be trusted to give your photos the brilliant color that they deserve.

Encased in a slim, rectangular casing that looks like the impressive printer that the Canon iP90 really is, the printer will fit any home or business office, and will look great in any photographer or designer’s studio.

You can even bring it along with you in case you need printing on the go. But the small size of this printer does not reflect its capabilities.

Mixing together all that this printer offers, you will get a pretty huge package. The printer is offered under the desktop photo inkjet line of printers from Canon.

This is a full-powered photo printer great for those looking for a versatile professional photo printer, but has some cash to spare.

At around $300, this printer is not the cheapest around, but with a quality like it has, spending a little bit is certainly worth it.

Canon iP90 Printer: Top Canon Photo Inkjet Printer

The Canon iP90 is one of the leading models produced by Canon in its photo inkjet desktop printers.

Versatile One

It has all the excellent capabilities and features that Canon offers in its printers. Combining quality and form, it performs with a versatility that offers users with endless possibilities, but makes sure that it gives only the best in all that it does.

Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle

The printer can print resolutions as high as 4800 x 1200 dpi using Canon’s FINE technology, or Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering. This technology furnishes the printer with very precise print heads with 1,088 nozzles that can form images on paper using 2-picoliter ink droplets.

This means that every little detail of your pictures will be captured, and no matter what the color combination is, this printer can achieve it with exactness and accuracy, using its special ink.

Excellent Printing Speed

The best thing, however, is that this printer offers a quality that doesn’t make you wait. You can easily print 4” x 6” photos under 1 minute, and you’ll be surprised that your print will look like an actual photograph developed by a photo lab machine.

Unique Features from the Canon iP90 Printer

The Canon iP90 printer comes with Canon Easy-WebPrint software for Windows, which helps you do more with the printer. Using the software, you can even achieve borderless prints to make your photos look more real.

Easy-PhotoPrint & Photo Optimizer Pro Software

And when used together with the Easy-PhotoPrint and the Photo Optimizer Pro software, the results will be perfect, enhanced prints printed in perfect color.

The Easy-PhotoPrint software can help you make minor retouches and even automatically matches the photo’s color to the correct skin tone using its face detector.

The Photo Optimizer Pro, on the other hand, can help you adjust the photo’s light, color, and brightness.


Other than those additional features, you can also use the printer on its own, so if you’re going on a vacation or you have a photo shoot, why not bring this printer along, snap photos, and print them directly using the various connectivity options of the printer.

If you have a digital camera or even a DV camcorder, you can connect it to the PictBridge port, and if you have memory cards, you can insert them into the designated slots on the printer.

Infrared and Bluetooth Interface

But this printer goes beyond connectivity expected from a printer. It comes with Infrared and Bluetooth interface as well, which means that you can print mobile phone photos directly from the printer without having to transfer them to a computer.

Special Ink Usage Control

And even as you move around, you can keep your ink usage in check with the special Ink Usage Control, which helps you save ink without sacrificing the quality of your prints. Also, if you use the black ink more than other colors, you will not have a problem even if you suddenly run out of black ink.

Canon Composite Black Ink

The iP90 printer from Canon provides you with the option to use composite black ink, which means that the black ink will be taken from a composite of color inks.

Canon iP90 Printer: Highly Recommended

The quality and features of the Canon iP90 printer are two of its strongest points, and based on these two points, the printer gets only the highest ratings from consumers and experts alike.

This printer may not be for everyone, given its price, since some people may not be looking for a product at this price range, but for those who are, then this should definitely be the number one choice.

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