Canon MX860 Review

by Etienne Beauchamp Printer Par Excellence
(Quebec, Canada)

Canon MX860 Review : Wireless AIO Photo Printer

Canon MX860 Review : Wireless AIO Photo Printer

Here is my Canon MX860 review of a feel-good printer, the Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless AIO Photo Printer. I have a good business going and I must say that my latest addition to my line of printers, the Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless AIO Photo Printer is the best so far.

My Printer History at a Glance :
I have dot matrix printers which are still working. I have a junk Epson inkjet printer which was outlived by its dot matrix counterpart. I have an HP which is still reliable and still produces good quality prints. Now this, I have the all-in-one Canon MX860 Wireless Photo Printer which I consider as the elevation of my status in the printing business.

The history of my printers speaks well of how I started as a producer of promotional brochures. My business started when computer imaging was still unheard of and I was only hired then for my layouts, graphic designs and promotional ideas. Until laser printing arrived and my brochures started to come alive with colors and vivid graphic designs and occasionally images, but they were still crude. Then scanners arrived and made it possible for me to add images aside from my graphic design ideas.

History in the Making with My Canon PIXMA MX860 :
Now with the Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer, I can do everything easily and faultlessly. My brochures are no longer just the magazine types, they now have the appearance of postcards because magazines require too much paper and paper is now one of the environmental issues that needs to be addressed. Coming up with brochures that have the quality and characteristics of postcards, incorporated with photos of captivating subjects give people a natural urge to keep them.

Naturally, it is important that I should have the best photo printer to support me in order to produce postcard brochures that people will have the urge to keep. My customers like the idea that I promote environmental consciousness about paper wastage and usage.

That is why I chose Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer carefully over all others and for the past months it has never been a let down. It is important that the quality of photos I print and use will attract people to keep them and one good use some people discovered is for their scrap booking materials.

Now here are the features that my Canon PIXMA MX860 Wireless AIO Photo Printer has, which makes it possible for me to achieve my business goals and objectives:

1. The capability of Canon print heads to eject 1 pico liter ink droplets makes it possible for this Canon PIXMA MX860 to produce photos that come alive and give vivid support to the product descriptions in brochures. Its high resolution of 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi is evidence of the print heads attendance to details, because not one iota is left uncovered.

2. The 5-color ink system combining four dye-based inks which include basic primary colors Magenta, Cyan and Yellow with the pigment-based black ink makes the Canon PIXMA MX860 capable of producing exceptionally crisp photos and laser-quality text.

3. This all in one printer is even made remarkable by the presence of its built-in Auto Image Fix technology. This artificial intelligence performs at its finest because it automatically adjusts the brightness of photos with poor backlit support or those that were under-exposed. Colors are adjusted quite intuitively to enhance life-like skin tones, making the products being endorsed believably effective.

4. In fact the superb competence of this Auto Image Fix technology allows me to incorporate photo scenes taken at any time and any place whether day or night as well as sunny bright outdoors or dimly lit interiors.

5. Now the scanner has its own positive contribution because its Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology has the ability to copy with true faithfulness and dedication. It does not stray from the original at any given point. The Canon PIXMA MX860 scans with remarkable performance at 4800 dpi.

6. Now see if other printers can beat the ability of this Canon AIO printer to be cost and energy efficient through its built-in Auto Duplex Printing. The other side of the brochure can be printed automatically without requiring the user to carry out the task of manually flipping the pages.

7. Automation does not stop there; a fully operational and efficient 35-sheet Auto Document Feeder allows the printer to proceed with its scanning and copying functions without requiring my staff support to stand in attendance. It allows my staff to perform other tasks while scanning and copying goes on without a hitch.

8. The photos that my photographer staff took can be directly extracted for printing using the PictBridge for digital camera captured images and those that are already stored can be recalled from memory cards. Hence, another cost efficient feature because it allows printing PC less. In any case an image or scenery was taken from a phone camera, the Bluetooth connectivity makes everything simple.

9. The 2.5 inch LCD Screen allows me to view and choose as well as edit the images I would like to use for a particular project which is again another cost efficient feature. No need to use the computer if there is such a thing as this 2.5 inch LCD Screen to provide me the details.

10. In case I get paranoid or something, I can use passwords to protect PDF files I consider as confidential.

I guess I have been convincing enough why I feel good about this printer and why my Canon Mx860 review is so positive.

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