Canon Pixma MG8120 Review

by Annie Enriquez - Advisor

Canon Pixma MG8120 is a wireless photo all – in – one printer especially if you want to have your own home photo lab. It is also ideal for small office use. It produces outstanding photos and text output, scans and prints directly from 35mm slides and strips of film. It has an Ethernet and WiFi support and its easy setup. One feature of the MG8120 is its ability to print individual frames from HD movie clips. Another great thing about this MFP is its reasonable ink replacement costs.

Canon Pixma MG8120 is an inkjet multi function printer that allows you to print high quality photos from diverse sources like strips of films, from video frames and select cameras. You can simply print from this inkjet MFP without connecting to your computer. It is considered the best among its league of printers as well. MG8120 may have the ability to scan and print from slides and negatives but lacks certain office features particularly the ability in scanning legal – size pages, non – availability of an automatic document feeder and fax modem compared to other MFPs of the same price.

The Canon Pixma MG8120 features a 3.5 inch LCD that allows you to preview your photos before printing. It has a touch – sensitive control panel including three selection buttons. It can print directly from memory cards, PictBridge cameras, USB keys, photographic prints and 35mm films that include both positive and negative slides. It features a Photo Reprint for printing film and prints including settings for specific photos as an additional to its standard Copy command on the front menu panel.

MG8120 has two 150 – sheet paper trays wherein you can load plain paper in one tray and photo paper on the other. This allows you to switch from document to photo printing with much ease. It also has a duplexer letting you save on paper costs.

Printing speed of the MG8120 is very fast compared to other inkjet. It prints a little bit slower on plain text but performs better in printing photos making it better than other printers of its class. It produces quality prints for both photos and text as well. The MG8120 uses 6 separate ink cartridges and costs lower than the usual.

Setting up the MG8120 is a lot easier and works well with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and XP. It also works well with your Mac.
Among its convenient features, MG8120 has a variety of templates like notebook and graph paper, blank checklist forms, weekly and monthly schedules, musical staff paper and a lot more. Although you can design these forms from your computer but with the templates that are already stored on the MG8120 makes printing a lot easier and faster for such formats.

Overall, MG8120 is a quality photo printer that is fitted for home use than for business. It is expensive than other printers of its class but if you’re looking for extra speed and high quality photo output the MG8210 will definitely satisfy your needs. One great thing that you can appreciate from your Canon Pixma MG8120 is allowing you to print from different sources directly on your printer.

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