Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless

by Belinda Stines -Family Nurse Practitioner
(Raytown, Missouri )

Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet  AIO

Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet AIO

I bought this Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet AIO printer for my 58-year old mother who can't seem to have enough of computer technology ever since I taught her how to use a personal computer. She's now very active and quite enjoying herself. Unlike before when she felt left out and unable to cope with how people communicate.

Nowadays, she's very much into volunteer work for an Arthritis Awareness Cause and is quite busy preparing fund raising guidelines for an upcoming event, fund raising letters, donation requests and thank you letters for their donors. I had no idea that volunteer work involved a lot of paper work. I found this Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless AIO printer included in a Black Friday sale and my mom couldn't be any happier when this printer finally arrived at our doorstep.

At first, she thought that this printer was too high tech for her to use and was quite concerned that she might bust a perfectly good looking printer. Anyway, just to give her confidence, I told her that if she's to bust it, it might as well be as early as now while the product is still under warranty. Both my mom and Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless passed the test because my mom got so confident she's now familiarizing herself on how to put images in her weekly newsletters. Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless is so easy to use and I can say ideal for beginners and first time users like my mom.

Here's what, I'll just list down all the qualities of this Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet that we found completely and positively wonderful. We can't say much about the other features yet since the printer is relatively new and we haven't

explored its entire AIO capabilities. What the list all boils down to is that this Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless AIO is very user friendly. Here's our list as to why my mom and I are giving our thumbs up sign for this printer:

1. Everything was easy to install, the wireless capability, the software, the print head, the ink and the paper. Mom was quite interested with the installation process as she glanced every now and then at the printed manual. It would have taken less time to install if not for the questions I had to entertain while I was going about it. In fact, my mom says I should

also mention that the printed manual was quite easy to understand and follow (I suppose I'm not to mention that she asked a lot of questions that I had to satisfy).

2. The printer was properly labeled, hence making it easy for me to put the cartridges in their proper places.

3. After everything was installed and tested including the photo printing capabilities, I noticed that this Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless inkjet printer powers up faster than the earlier printer models.

4. The two-sided printing is simply amazing. No manual flicking is required because the printer automatically does it on its own.

5. The easy-scroll is quite an improvement as it allows for faster selection and operation.

6. Another favorite feature that my mother would like to point out is the large enough text on the LCD screen and large enough buttons that were easy to identify. She's of the opinion that this printer was designed with senior citizens in mind.

7. Best of all are the outputs, because everything this Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet printer came up with were true to details. Mom is quite delighted that her Donation Requests and Donor Thank You letters came out professional looking. As for me, I can say that Walmart is going to lose one good customer for photo developing because the printer's photo output matches the quality of lab printed photos.

8. The laser ink level meter displayed on the computer and on the 2" LCD screen of the printer indicates that ink usage is going well. No issues here about too much ink being used up for minimal workload.

9. I enjoy the fact I can print direct from my digicam and my mobile phone via PictBridge and compatible memory cards.

10.The 2 way paper feed is great as it makes office printing or photo printing ready anytime. There's no hitch either feeding thicker photo paper.

The only negative thing I heard from my mother is that she wished the copier was less intrusive with its noise. Somehow the noise makes her feel as if she's doing something wrong with the printer. She asked Canon's tech-support if the sound it makes is normal or an indication that something's wrong. To her relief, she was assured that it's normal.

Now then, lengthy as it may seem those are the reasons why my mom and I are proud of our Canon PIXMA MP560 Wireless Inkjet
printer, aside from the fact that I got it for only $79.

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