Canon Pixma MP970

by Gavin Hammond
(Ontario, Canada)

Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-in-One printer

Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-in-One printer

As a freelance professional digital photographer, I want to share with you my views and experience about Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-in-One printer. My profession requires me to be very competitive and the success of my business always depended on how I could best present my keen eye for photography.

Logically, I should have the best printer as my tool and I would like the readers to know that for a high quality demanding business like mine, Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-in-One printer has been a very able and competent support.

Now allow me to relate to you how:

Photographers are expected to produce images that depict a story or to record events that carry all the meaning it is supposed to have. As a photographer, I should have the right tool in choosing and enhancing the photographs that I have to present. I can make all that possible with Canon Pixma MP970 because this all in one printer can preview, print, scan and copy based on the following features

1. Its optical resolution is 4800 x 9600 dpi.

2. It has an advance 7-color ink system that produces highly accurate and lab-quality prints.

3. It has the ability to scan images with color resolutions up to 9600 by 2400 dpi in all of its beauty. .

4. The printer and its Auto-Image Fix is a back up feature that makes sure every photo I print will be clear and full of life.

5. Its printing capability features 1-picoliter sized ink droplets that allows detailed and absolutely grain-free photos

6. The printer and its Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE) is simply the best.

As a digital photographer Canon Pixma MP970 allows me to print pictures as beautifully even through memory cards and print via Pictbridge for digital cameras.

Business wise, my prints should not only be beautiful but should be cost efficient as well. Canon Pixma MP970 responds to this quite well because:

1. It is recognized as an Energy Star product.

2. It prints at the speed up to 22 pages per minute color photos and 30 pages per minute in black.

3. It can even produce borderless 4" x 6" prints in just 35 seconds.

4. Canon Pixma MP970 has a built-in duplex or two-sided printing

Overall, in my years of experience as a digital photographer for magazines, commercial photographs and occasionally news, Canon Pixma MP970 has proven itself as a very fast, dependable and user friendly all-in-one printer machine. It allows me to present and deliver my products without any major hitch for more than a year of being used and abused. It has made my job a lot more enjoyable and lucrative.

Canon Pixma MP970 Photo All-in-One printer is highly recommended if you are in the photography business. All that you need in order to gain a competitive edge can be delivered to you by this amazingly reliable printer.

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