Canon Pixma MX330 Review

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Canon Pixma Mx300 Review - A Good Pick

Canon Pixma Mx300 Review - A Good Pick

This all in one printer review is about Canon Pixma MX330, an all in one printer that can copy, scan, fax and print on different types of media. At the price of $110, any home will find this an excellent addition ably supported by a full color 1.80 inch LCD and by an automatic paper feeder. Nevertheless, one is not supposed to expect utmost excellence in the quality of its prints since this is a compact all in one (AIO) machine intended for non business use at a price that will suit the budget of an average home user.

Measuring about 18.1 inches wide and standing about 7.8 inches in height with a depth of 16.2 inches, this AIO home office equipment is designed with an easy to navigate control panel. This Pixma by Canon comes very neat with all drawers, trays and ports flush folding into a compact design. Two small LEDS in the main control panel function as indicators for ink usage and capacity as well as paper jams.The LCD is located quite prominently at the center of the control panel.

The 8.5 inch by 11 inch scanner lies on top of the printer concealed by a lid top. Below it are the two ink cartridges intended for the black color and the other for tricolors. This clearly indicates that the printer does not make any promise that snapshots, photo, or graphic prints are for commercial use because the two tanks are clearly for minimal use.

Its driver CD contains installation files including those needed to let the user choose from templates and adjustments for paper media, borders, and color intensities. A user will be delighted at a pop up monitor showing the details of the current work in progress and disappears as soon as the job is finished. You can install the Easy Photo Print EX software by Canon as your resource for creative solutions for snap shots, albums, calendars, stickers, and simple photo edit jobs like red eye, blemish removal and contour sharpening, which eliminates the need for external edits using Adobe Photoshop.

The scanner and copier functions are standard with its built in adjustment for contrast and magnification through the LCD menu settings. Scanning is a task that can be done singly or in batches where you can have a good use of the autofeeder which can handle as much as 30 pages per batch. Scanned objects can be sent direct to the PC as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, or to PDF file or as attachment to emails and will all be neatly logged and contained in a ?My Box? section for reference.

Canon MX330 Review : Advantages

1. An affordable AIO device that delivers.

2. It performs its main functions of scanning, copying and fax messaging well to provide able support to any home office.

3. The automatic paper feeder functions very well to speed up scanning jobs.

4. PictBridge USB port on the bottom of the unit is a welcome addition which allows direct printing coming from a digital camera.

5. Easy to navigate and maneuverable control panels and buttons, ably supported by LCD screens and monitors.

6. Supported by a one year warranty and toll free phone including a 24/7 email support. The Canon website will allow access to online manuals, drivers, ink cartridge order forms and FAQs.

Although this Canon all in one printer can stand formidably against other all in one printers, it does not stake any claim for being one of the best all in one printers around. Its disadvantages lie on what counts most among printers, the speed and quality of prints. Find out why:

Canon Pixma MX330 Disadvantages

1. Photo print outputs rates poorly in terms of quality since photo printing is clearly not its main function.

2. The two ink cartridges will preclude any hopes of improving quality of prints, lest the user hopes it will get better in time or through adjustment skills.

3. Speed is below standard but still performs ahead of the Kodak ESP5.

Recommendation for Canon Pixma MX330

Overall, this Canon Pixma MX330 all in one printer is rewarding enough at its price of $110 considering the variety of functions the machine has to offer and can deliver. A home office where printing, scanning, copying and fax messaging are the main functions needed, this equipment can be expected to provide competent support. The automatic data feeder is a feature that might not even exist in some higher priced all in one printers, hence it is an added bonus considering the price of this Canon MX330 all in one printer.

The fact that the machine houses only two ink cartridges, the user is not misled into believing that it is capable of doing professional looking photo and graphic print outputs. Affordable and easy to maintain, this Canon all in one printer gets full recommendation and support.

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