Canon Selphy CP710

by John - Expert Reviewer

Canon Selphy CP710

Canon Selphy CP710

The Canon Selphy CP710 is a dye sublimation printer. A dye sublimation printer is the kind of photo printer that uses heat to transfer the color from a solid-state ink to the printing media. Sublimation is the process of turning something solid into a gaseous form.

What is good about dye sublimation printing is that the clear prints have a special protective covering over it. It means that the prints from Canon Selphy CP710 are almost completely weather proof and waterproof.

Canon Selphy CP710 Advantages

1. The Canon Selphy is very handy to use. It is small and compact size, which makes it possible to bring it anywhere. When used with the rechargeable battery, it is possible to make digital prints on the go.

2. This dye sublimation photo printer is capable of making high-resolution we weatherproof digital prints. The good part about it is that you can print from the Canon SelphyCP710 almost anywhere. You can even print from it without having to connect to a computer.

3. With the Canon Selphy CP710, you can even print from memory cards with its built-in card reader. It accepts most of the common types of memory cards; from MMC cards up to SD, memory sticks and many more.

4. If you are wondering on how you would know which images to print from the memory cards, do not worry, for it also has a built in LCD screen. The 1.5-inch LCD screen can display the details on what you are printing. Information, such as the layout that will be used, the size of the paper and the number of prints are all indicated.

5. Since the Canon Selphy CP710 uses dye sublimation technology, its colored prints can resist fading for up to a hundred years; provided that the photos are stored in good condition. It lays down a layer of protective covering so that the dye does not evaporate from the printing media.

6. What makes this Canon a better photo printer is that it can work well with Mac and a Windows PC. This way you can adjust or enhance your photos before printing. Being one of the best photo printers, it can even print various sizes of your desired photos from postcard formats up to the regular picture sizes.

7. It is so easy to operate that you can either use the retractable USB cable or just go wireless and receive the images via Bluetooth technology.

Disadvantage of the Canon Selphy CP710

Not all devices are perfect, so leave room for some minor setbacks of the Canon Selphy CP 710.

The only problem seen on a dye sublimation printer is the lack of stand-alone image editing software installed onto the device itself. You will not be able to rotate, crop or adjust the colors in the printer; nonetheless, why ask for those functions when you already have a portable photo lab that is capable of printing photos with the same quality, maybe even better.

Recommendation the Canon Selphy Review Verdict

So, if you are planning to buy the best photo printer capable of producing dye sublimation printing photos, with the quality of a photo lab, and can be used anywhere, as well as print from cameras without using a computer, choose Canon Selphy CP710.

This Canon photo printer not only has cheaper printing costs than inkjet printers do, it also has numerous good points that allow it to produce quality prints.

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Canon Selphy CP710

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Nov 20, 2010
Partial Print
by: Dick

Haven't used my CP710 for about a year now and have disvovered two problems.

Just tried printing some photos only to discover that the bottom 1" of each photo isn't being printed (ragged line betweeen the part that prints and that which doesn't).

Now, on some of the prints, there's also an angular line that's appearing out of nowhere.

Have tried a new cartridge and new paper. Same deal.

Is it possible that part of the thermal device that fuses the ink to the paper is already kaput?

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