Canon Selphy CP780 Snapshot Printer Review

by Annie Enriquez - Advisor for
(USA )

Canon Selphy CP780 Snapshot Printer is an easy to use inexpensive compact photo printer. It prints quality photos that are water and scratch resistant. It is easy to set up and has reasonably fast speed. It is a good snapshot printer for most casual photographers because it is easy to carry around being lightweight and small. Printing is a lot easier allowing you to print from your memory card, a PictBridge camera or a computer and prints photos with more than one size.

The Canon Selphy CP780 Snapshot Printer has a 2. 5 inch color LCD wherein you can preview your photos and labelled control buttons for editing and special effects options that include red – eye correction, image optimization and color control. It also has a Photo Print application that allows you to create decorative formats for your photos. Its LCD screen does not tilt which comes as one of its drawbacks and makes it a little behind among its contemporaries.

The Canon Selphy CP780 front loading paper cassette has a double – lid design and can hold up to 54 sheets of photo paper. You can print both 4 x 8 inch and 4 x 6 inch size of photo. It has a reasonably fast speed at 56 seconds for printing 4 x 6 inch photos which is within the usual range of small – format printers. Photo quality output is passable especially for people and objects which are reasonably detailed but a little bit light colored. On the plus side, photo output of the Canon Selphy CP780 are water and scratch resistant and last for a long time.

One big plus for the Canon Selphy CP780 Snapshot Printer is its portability. Unlike other inkjet – based photo printers and other thermal – dye printers that are small in size Canon Selphy CP780 is a printer that you can easily carry and take around. It is very light in weight at 2.1 pounds and has a size of 3.0 by 6.9 by 5.2 inches (HWD).

It is easy to set up like any standard small – format thermal – dye printer by sliding in the ribbon cartridge, load the paper and plug the power cord in and you can start printing from your memory card or camera. You can also use it if you want to print directly from your computer by running the installation program from disc and connect it by using a USB cable.

Some of the drawbacks of the Canon Selphy CP780 is having an untiltable LCD screen. It can’t print from the USB key meaning that you can’t easily print an image once you have moved it to your computer or a disc without connecting to your computer. Photo quality is not at its best because of the slight soft focus effect but they are a good match from photos printed from local drugstore.

The Canon Selphy CP780 Snapshot Printer is a good snapshot printer that is highly portable allowing you to print quality photos in various small sized papers and has a reasonable printing cost and speed.

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