Canon Selphy Review

by Patricia Jean Jennings
(NYC, New York)

Canon Selphy Review

Canon Selphy Review

I just love my Canon Selphy CP780 Compact Photo Printer because it makes me love taking photos even more - so here is my Canon Selphy review. First, I find its pink color so unique and so attractive. You see I had to buy a compact photo printer because I was so engrossed with going all digital. I was just uploading them at Facebook so I can share them with my friends and family.

The thing is, I forgot that my mom does not have a computer back home, let alone an Internet. She feels bad that I have not shared any pictures with her which I was quite guilty of. You see having these photos printed would be quite a task for me and will also cost much. So I searched the net for a compact photo printer and reviews always pointed me to Canon Selphy.

This site particularly had good reviews about Canon Selphy but it was a CP710 model. I found this CP780, it comes in pink, it basically has the same pictures and it is affordable. I bought it for only $80.00. Since then, mom never went all cheesy with me for not sending her pictures of me and my family. Besides, I have my own copies too and I do not even have to spend a fortune; on top of that I can print during my off day.

Here are the nice things about Canon Selphy CP780 that you should know:

1. The interface of the device is something you could easily get used to. The printer is also surprisingly light.

2. I chose this unit over the others as it has water resistant photo quality prints that are said to last for at least a hundred years or more.

3. I like the LCD screen, I do not need my computer to get a sample of what I am printing. You could also do some minor adjustments on images especially on the photos. You can enhance them using the ?Portrait Image Optimize?. I use it rarely but the feature is great. It saves you the hassle of minor adjustment tweaks on the photos about to be printed.

4. The feature I love most about it is that it has the red eye correction system. The Canon Selphy CP780 easily corrects red eye images even without plugging it into a computer.

Here are some of the things I have not explored yet, but I will soon enough; as soon as I get myself one of those solar powered chargers because my family and I are planning to go on a camping trip.

I found out that there is room for a battery pack. This was a great feature as this would mean that I can take it anywhere with me. This might be the reason why the unit is so light.

Since it is portable I found out in the user manual that it has Bluetooth and card slots built in on the device. Not only can I use it with my PC but also with other devices like camera phones and memory cards.

I cannot seem to find anything wrong about Canon Selphy CP780, because for its price and how it has been very useful to me, I am sure if ever there is one, it would not be a big deal.

I agree with this site regarding its reviews about Canon Selphy, it does print wonderful pictures. I am just not sure about the pictures lasting for a hundred years, I still cannot figure out who is going to make a review a hundred years after to attest that this claim is true?

Nevertheless, Canon Selphy CP780 Compact Printer is really a great printer, worth more than its price and I even got more features than what I expected to get from it. Now I can print in my own good time and worry less about the cost of printing my pictures. That was my review of the Canon Selphy !

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