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by Mrs. Anita Morris- Retired School Teacher
(Newport Beach, CA)

Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet

Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet

I am a retired school teacher who is still in awe and amazement with the Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet printer that my daughter gave me as birthday present. I really loved the fact that I have lived long enough to savor all that the world has to offer. To avoid sounding like a typical old granny who begins her stories back from the days when she was younger I will just share with you my wonderful experience with this Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet.

You see I am an avid hummingbird watcher since I took my retirement. Initially, I immersed my self into gardening until I read somewhere that hummingbirds can be attracted by the flowers in your garden. Hence, instead of planting trees and blooms randomly, I asked our local store for local plants that hummingbirds are most attracted to.

True enough with my assorted blooms of apple blossoms, azaleas, dahlia, begonia and columbine, the hummingbirds were slowly finding their way in my garden. That was when I started appreciating having a camera. I did not have a digital camera, then just the simple shutter type that old people are used to. My son gave me a digital camera which was so much easier to use with its zoom-in ability. It made taking pictures of my hummingbird visitors a lot better and faster.

Back then, I had to make trips to the photo lab just to get my hummingbird pictures developed. In recent years however, my son and daughter did not like the idea of my driving off to town at my age so I had to wait until whoever is available to bring them to the lab. Somehow, it was quite irritating for me not to see the pictures of my new hummingbird friends as soon as I took their pictures. To cut my story short, my daughter finally wizened up and bought me this Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet.

I really feel lucky that I have reached this age of technology where a printer could print photos as beautifully, in the same way they come out of photo labs and right in the comforts of my home. In case you did not know, hummingbirds are the tiniest birds in the world and it is just so amazingly wonderful that this Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet was able to print in detail every picture I took. Hummingbirds are very colorful; in fact their colors have this iridescent quality. It is as if they have prisms, like those that you see on soap bubbles. Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet was able to print them exactly the way I saw them through the lens of my digital camera. Sometimes I even have the impression that they even look better.

Now I told my daughter that I am going to write a review about this Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet, as to how an old lady like me could still have an appreciation of this new technology. I asked her to list down what made this camera work so well so people will know that it is all true. Here is the list she gave me:

1. The Quick Start design makes this Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet very easy to use. This is one of the features why my daughter chose this printer model for me. All I had to do was press power and just proceed with the printing process.

2. There is the Easy-Scroll wheel which is another plus for use of older folks.

3. I can have a preview of the hummingbird images I want to print first. Although I always end up printing all of them, because by being selective I forget that I already had some printed out earlier.

4. It can print direct from my digital camera which means I do not need to have my PC on at the same time.

5. Now I do not know much about this because it is something my Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet, does internally, the “red-eye reduction”.

6. Most important of all is the Auto Image Fix feature that is so intuitive as to have the ability to adjust the brightness or the contrast of color. This allowed all the prism-like glints on my colorful little hummingbird appear in the pictures

Last August, my son and his family took me to a trip to Kern River Valley the Hummingbird Capitol of California and there I was able to see hummingbirds of almost all species. Of course I brought along my Canon PIXMA mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet, which I forgot to mention had a carrying handle as an added feature.

You can just imagine the joy I felt every time each hummingbird photo came out of this printer. Today I have quite a collection of these photos: Allen Hummingbirds, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Costas Hummingbird, Rufous Hummingbird, Calliope Hummingbird, and Annas Hummingbird just to name a few.

Since I was able to preview the images before going home, I was able to re-take other shots of some of the hummingbirds that would have looked better at a different angle. Really, getting old is not bad after all or am I just lucky that my grown-up kids pamper me so?

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