Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges: Efficient yet Economical

by Ghinda
(Quezon City, Philippines)

You may consider using compatible printer ink cartridges when your printer runs out of ink. There is an assortment of ink cartridge counterparts that prove to be just as efficient as the original ones. They, also, produce the same number of pages. So when you, usually, do a lot of printing, you can save on expenses since they cost a lot lower.

Others may be wary of using replacement parts because they are said to be inferior in quality and may cause printer defects. Aside from this, manufacturers warn that using such can be a basis for the voidance of your printer warranty. In this regard, one need not worry since with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, a manufacturer cannot void a printer warranty on the grounds of using compatible parts.

Purchasing genuine printer ink cartridges can be costly, especially, when you need to change more often or when your printer makes use of several ink cartridges. So, compatible printer ink cartridges may be a worthwhile solution to this problem.

Compatible cartridges are those manufactured by a third party. They are either brand new or built from original cartridges. They are created to complement the different branded printers such as Dell, Canon, Hp and Lexmark, among others. There are 2 kinds of compatible cartridges, one that is made with high quality standards and the other that is cheaply made that is likely to leak and to cause damage to your printer.

When compatible printer ink cartridges are reconstructed with new parts, they are built to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards, meaning, they are guaranteed to perform as well or even better than the original cartridges that come straight from the manufacturer. They are made with the exact weight and measurements for precision. They, likewise, undergo testing to ensure high quality performance.

If the ink does not match the OEM specifications, it may clog the print head and may cause printer defects. Aside from this, it may affect the quality of your printouts. So, it is always vital to make sure that your ink is made with high quality standards.

Using compatible printer ink cartridges are much more advantageous to those who own a business that requires bulk printing or those who just need to print a lot. Since they will need to be changing ink from time to time, you can just imagine how much money they have to spend if they used original cartridges. This is, especially, true with black ink which is the color frequently used. With the replacement cartridges, they just have to pay a percentage of the original ones. In addition to this, they may even avail of a huge discount on volume orders.

Purchasing compatible printer ink cartridges from reputable companies are risk free. They come with a warranty so you can return them or have them replaced when they don’t perform as you expect them to.

With compatible printer ink cartridges, you can save a great deal of money without sacrificing the quality of your printed documents.

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