Coolest Printers

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Coolest Printers

Coolest Printers

Techie people and those who like unusual gadgets will find the Coolest Printers, interesting. They may look good on display yet they perform well in their area of expertise. Basically, printers are relied on for printing text and images. Yet, there are some printing devices that display more of creativity. More than that, they are useful.

Coolest Printers are considered as such not only because of their outer appearance but also because of the unique function they provide.

1. Canon SELPHY ES40 Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY ES40 photo printer is a compact printing device with a size of 226mm x 225mm x 138mm. It includes a 3.5” LCD and an Easy Scroll Wheel that makes it easier to go through the photo images to choose which one to print. It, also, comes with voice instructions that guide you on how to place borders on your pictures and how to add artistic designs on them. In addition to this, the voice reminds the user when the ink needs to be changed.

This printer is compatible with flash memory cards of 15 different kinds of digital cameras and you can print directly from them. You can, even, edit photos by adjusting the light on a subject’s face to even out his skin tone.

Canon SELPHY ES40 photo printer can print 148mm x 100mm photos in 55 seconds and 119” x 89” photos in 47 seconds. A bundled cartridge that consists of replacement paper and ink is capable of producing 50 prints in all.

2. Casio USB Label Printer

Casio USB Label Printer is an egg shaped printing device that is a height of 79 mm. It is suitable for those who want to label their stuff. This connects to your computer by means of a USB and print on thermal paper. It is easy to use with the preset label templates that come with it.

It can print to a maximum width of 8 mm and length of 50 mm. It lets you print on self adhesive labels, tags and memos. These can be an alternative to Post-it-notes.

This printer comes with a USB cable, driver CD and a roll of thermal paper.

3. Stamp Expressions(TM) Printer

Stamp Expressions(TM) Printer is a device that allows you to print a personalized image on a stamp. It comes with the Pitney Bowes technology that combines traditional systems of postage metering with web-based potential of producing new images on postage. This printer is apt for users who want to boost the image of their business. It will be a welcome surprise to send letters to clients with your personal touch.

This printer is small and portable with a size of 4” H x 4.5” W has tamper proof protection. Postage printing is available even if it is offline. Aside from your own personal designs, there is a wide selection of designs, close to 200, that you can have access through a web-based library. These come in different types such as events, holidays and general messages related to business.

4. Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer

Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer is an impressive device that uses a combination of thermal ink technology and special cosmetic grade ink to print straight on the nail in full color. This printer is meant for kids. However, some adults would, surely, like to try it out.

This printer comes with software that gives potential users full control over any of the thousand designs that they choose. Some of these are seasonal and come in patterns, among others.

Summary of Coolest Printers 2011

Canon SELPHY ES40 Photo Printer, Casio USB Label Printer, Stamp Expressions(TM) Printer and Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer are the Coolest Printers. And why wouldn’t they be? With their cool designs and functions to match, many will try to get their hands on them. You may either be a Barbie fan or a photographer. You may be a businessman or just someone who likes to keep things in order. Surely, one of these coolest printers will catch your eye.

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