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Digital Photo Printers are now rising in terms of demand as the digital age continues and more people are equipping themselves with digital cameras. Digital printers are printers designed specifically for printing digital photos using mostly compact and often portable printing devices. These printers are more affordable than large photo printers and AIOs, and are able to offer lab-quality prints using dedicated photo paper. They are also easy to use and usually require no PC connection. What are the best digital photo printers picks ? More on that below.

These days, photo printing is not only done at the lab. You can produce lab-quality, long-lasting, smudge and fade resistant photos at home or in the office. You can even use digital photo printers to start your small home business, or print your vacation pictures instantly wherever you are.

It’s convenient, and opens up a world of possibilities. Be in tune with the digital age and get yourself a digital photo printer. Here are some of the best offers in the market.

The Best Compact Digital Photo Printers

Famous compact digital photo printers are:

  • Canon Selphy
  • HP Photosmart
  • Epson PictureMate Dash
  • Sony Picture Station

1. Canon Selphy

Canon struck gold when it released its Selphy line of digital photo printers. The hip and fun bring-anywhere Selphy printers use top-of-the-line photo printing technology that results in brilliantly colored lab-quality photos that last long and resist water, fading, and smudging. But part of the appeal of the Canon Selphy printers is their fun and stylish look, which even comes in various colors, that actually makes photo printing enjoyable.

The Canon Selphy digital photo printers range in price from $69 to $200, with some portable models that can be fitted with optional batteries.  The printers also come with a Portrait Image Optimize program that allows photo contrast corrections and red eye correction, so you can print perfect borderless photos that last up to 100 years in just seconds. You can print directly from your memory cards, your digital camera, and your Bluetooth-powered device if you have a Bluetooth adapter. The printers even offer B&W, sepia, positive film, and vivid color settings so you can experiment with your photos. Various cards and label sizes are also programmed into the Canon Selphy printers.

One of the popular mid-range printers is the portable CP780, which can operate on batteries for anywhere printing.

2. HP Photosmart Digital Photo Printers

digital photo printersWhen it comes to photo printing, HP’s main offer is its Photosmart line of printers, which include anywhere from AIOs to compact digital photo printers. The HP Photosmart compact photo printers may be small in size, but they pack in as much quality printing capabilities as the bigger Photosmart printers, with photos coming out in impressive lab quality.

Aside from its small size and top-class prints, HP Photosmart compact printers allow you to add captions, messages, borders, and several other pre-programmed creative touches to your photos, and all these can be done even without a computer. The printers are equipped with built-in memory card slots that support almost all portable media devices as well as PictBridge and Bluetooth connections.

One example of the HP Photosmart compact printer is the HP A626, which comes with a 4.8” color touchscreen and can print up to 4800x1200 resolution. It can print various borderless sizes up to panorama to meet all your printing needs.

3. Epson PictureMate Dash

Epson’s line of compact photo printers is the PictureMate Dash, which has been named as one of the bestselling small-format printers in the industry, bringing lab quality photo printing into consumers’ homes. The PictureMate Dash printers use an advanced MicroPiezo technology for long-lasting professional-quality photos that can last up to 200 years. Best of all, you can print with no need for a PC, thanks to its memory card, digital camera, and USB flash drive ports.

One of the best models under the series is the PM260, a compact inkjet printer that can print 4x6 photos under one minute.

4. Sony Picture Station

Sony has its own compact photo printer offers, which it calls the Picture Station line. The series include compact photo printers that use dye-sublimation photo printing technology for realistic and smooth color tones, especially when used with glossy photo paper. The photo printers also come with built in memory card readers and a PictBridge port for easy and flexible connectivity. And with the built-in LCD screens, you can do a little editing and red-eye correction before printing.

One of the bestselling Picture Station printers from Sony is the DPP-FP75, which has a 300 x 300 dpi resolution and can achieve 256 levels of 3 colors. And to protect your photos, it uses a SuperCoat 2 laminate coating. The printer comes with built-in settings for various photo sizes, ID photos, and layout prints, and can also print photos without borders.

Digital Photo Printer Reviews : How to Make the Right Choice

In choosing digital photo printers, print quality comes first. Since these devices are compact and lightweight, some of them sacrifice overall quality and performance. However, there are several other factors that will affect your choice, such as price, cost of ink or toner, compatibility with different kinds of photo paper, possible print sizes, built-in print settings, and connectivity options.

And what’s important is that the printers should connect easily to your digital camera and offer connectivity options for memory cards and USB drives. This will expand the use of your digital photo printer and allow you to make the most out of it.

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