Epson Artisan 710 Review

by Susan
(Portland Metro, Oregon )

Epson Artisan 710 Review

Epson Artisan 710 Review

The Epson Artisan 710 Review : the Atisan 710 is one printer that's really out of the ordinary and is something you wouldn't have imagined as possible to happen in printers. That wasn't long ago when printers were just dot matrix system but was already a most convenient equipment. It made work a lot easier over using those machines that made use of stencils to run and make copies of school test papers. In a span of few years, I saw printers in our school improved in every aspect until they became all-in-ones.

Today, printers have come and gone in this school I've worked in for more than three decades and I saw how my work at the school's office improved all because of printers. I remember how elated I was that our office printer was up graded into an all-in-one printer. It served the school well but just recently, it had to retire after 5 years of being a work horse. The Epson Artisan 710 arrived which was not at all the work horse type. However, the office staff and I were so impressed with the many applications of this printer. Hence, we decided on this one. Besides, we didn't want to pass up the chance of using the most recent technologies in printers.

I guess I don't have to go into details about the printer's capacity to produce superb laser quality documents, which it prints with ease and at great speed. The photos printed are excellent and they can meet the photo lab qualities. The school's office staff can attest that its smudge and scratch free since everyone has a grand time passing around the photos as soon as they are printed. We haven't tested them yet as far as water and fade resistance is concerned although I'm sometimes tempted to do so.

But here's what the school office staff discovered and proven to be really cool. Vintage photos taken in the 70's when the school was just starting were restored with color enhancements that made them look quite new again. The only thing that gave them away were the authentic "Welcome Back Kotter " fashion and looks.

The office staff greatly appreciates the LCD 2.5" screen which provides a good enough view of the photos and other images they are about to print. Some of the cool things they could print are the CD labels they use for our files particularly those that were taken during school celebrations. Everything has become so well-organized when we started having these labels because we used some form of color coding to easily identify our CD files.

Now saving the best for last, if I'm out to do some research, let's say browse around a book store for some latest material, it's just as easy for me to use the PrinterShare technology. Through the use of my iPhone, some good connections with the PrinterShare server and while the Artisan 710 is online, I can easily send an instant report regarding the research results.

I simply send data or image of the material I am currently holding, have it printed via the PrinterShare which captures the information as to what I want the Artisan 710 to print through remote access. Voila, I also get instant feedback about the data gathered so I don't have to leave the place until the user of the data is fully satisfied.

Now you probably can imagine how my career which started out as a school office clerk developed and advanced as high technology printers supported my work performance. After three decades of office work and about three different generations of Epson printers with Epson Artisan 710 as the fourth, I now occupy a position officially known as School Administrator. That was my Epson Artisan 710 review !

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