Epson B-510DN Color Inkjet Printer Review

by Annie Enriquez - Advisor for

Epson B-510DN Color Inkjet Printer is an inkjet printer that offers laser kind of speed that is great for business use. It provides waterproof output and higher paper handling than many inkjet printers. If you’re looking for good quality photo prints with outstanding low cost per page this is one printer you can consider. It has high paper capacity and a duplexer as well. It may not have the best look if you’re after image. Nor it will look great beside your Macbook.

It has a 16 character, two – line monochrome LCD that has few function buttons which are clear and easy to understand. It has higher paper handling compared to other inkjet printers with a 500 – sheet input tray on the front, a 170 – sheet output tray on top and a side 150 – sheet input tray. Its 650 – sheet total input trays allows you to load two kind of paper at once saving you time in changing paper on the input trays.

Setting up the B-510DN is easy and very typical just like other inkjet printers. You can place it where you want, connect the cables and switch it on. Load the paper, snap in the cartridges, run the automated setup disc and start printing. It can connect through a USB port or Ethernet and works well with Mac. It has a standard automatic duplexer allowing you to print on both sides of the paper with much ease.

Epson B-510DN Color Inkjet Printer possesses great speed when printing. It has the speed of a laser printer and surpasses other laser printers as well. It has an average output of 14.7 ppm for plain text and 3.4 ppm for color photos through your PC. Speed quality with Mac is a little bit lower but still faster. Print quality output is quite good especially for photos. Overall, it has an impressive speed and the fastest speed an inkjet printer can have and surpassed other majority laser printers.

Consumables of the Epson B-510DN Color Inkjet Printer are very cheap. It has 4 ink cartridges for black, cyan, yellow and magenta. This printer basically allows you to save money on running costs. You save paper with its automatic duplexer and ink cartridges are at their lowest price.

In spite of its positive aspects, B-510DN is not without drawbacks. If you are looking for speed in an inkjet printer you can only use the default settings of this printer and sacrifice quality over speed. Changing the settings results to slower speeds but you gain quality printouts. Another negative quality that goes with B-510DN is its looks. It is one of ugliest looking printer you can find and if you want to create a good image for your business it is best to have the printer in another room.

The Epson B-510DN is very expensive than other printers of its league. But if you’re looking for an inkjet that has speed, high paper handling, economical with good photo printing this printer is one to consider. Never mind the looks and see what the Epson B-510DN Color Inkjet Printer offers you. Color laser quality prints for your business that is cheaper and easier to use.

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