Epson Printer Artisan 810

by Grace, expert allprinterreviews reviewer
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Epson Printer Artisan 810

Epson Printer Artisan 810

The Epson Printer Artisan 810 is the kind of printer I've been waiting for from Epson. I used to be so disappointed that I couldn't find the same artistic apps that HP printers had in Epson but I'm glad I waited.

I'm a real fan of Epson printers since I've been using printers ever since college days. They've been well used and yet can still command a good price. That's one reason I buy the really good stuff and not just the low-priced versions that nobody wants to buy as second hand.

Well to cut my story short, I sold my old printer and got myself this new Artisan 810 and I really get a kick out of it. The usual and dependable Epson features are there because it still uses those MicroPriezo print head and 1.5 picoliter nozzles for smoothness and consistency of ink and gradation of colors.

I'm a great believer of this technology since all prints I get from my Epson printers are consistently superb and at an amazing speed at that. In fact, I can say the same for this all-in-one printer's scanner which became even more awesome because it can scan to any computer or even to a USB device. Well I really have a chockfull to say about this new Artisan Printer 810 from Epson and to think that I haven't even started yet.

The touch screen is quite cool and quite big. This is one feature I've wanted to have as my printer and I used to find them only in HPs. I guess Epson takes advantage of being a late bloomer as it gives its manufacturing unit more time to perfect what HP has. Everything works with just one touch and done automatically.

Even the copier has an automated system of adjusting the size of the image to the size of paper, which means if I wanted to enlarge an image, all I needed to do was feed the copier with the desired paper size. I don't even have to stand in wait to feed the paper as it also has autofeed features. Now, isn't that great?

Now here are the best parts that I've wanted to have which only HP used to have. Epson now has software to support creative project applications. Now I can make invitations, calendars, scrapbook frames, notebook papers whether lined or in graph and can even create my own personalized paper using my photos as background.

I really get a kick at being able to come up with all these and the Claria Hi-Definition ink may be pricey but it does a good job of making everything look so professionally done. I could say it would cost me as much if I bought the items I made from this printer sans the enjoyment of doing it myself.

The enjoyment part is something money cannot buy. In fact, my boyfriend thinks I'm quite childish with the way I react to all the creative apps I make. Now here's the best part, I got this Epson Printer Artisan 810 for only $146, to think that it used to sell at $300 and that's what I would call a real best buy deal because it's an Epson.

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