Epson Stylus 600
The Ultra-Reliable Printer

Epson Stylus 600 The Epson Stylus 600 Printer is one of Epson’s longest running color inkjet printers.

During its peak, this printer won various awards for its excellent print quality backed by impressive innovations only possible with Epson. The Epson Stylus 600 is created for home use, enabling you to print excellent quality documents and photos even at home. With its quality, you can even use it to print professional documents for the office.

And all these you can do with just this printer and at an affordable price.

What Epson Stylus 600 Printer Can Do

  • High Quality Printing
  • Great for Photo Printing
  • Supports Various Paper Sizes

1. High Quality Printing

When the Stylus 600 printer by Epson came out, it was the best in its class. Boasting of sharp quality prints that can handle up to 1440 x 720 dpi resolution for both color and black laser prints. It is powered by the MicroPiezo inkjet technology and uses the best Epson CMYK inks with the special QuickDry feature.

2. Stylus 600 : Great For Photo Printing

And for great photo printing, this pioneering printer also has the AcuPhoto halftoning exclusive for Epson printers. Paper handling is fairly acceptable, with two paper trays, one input tray that can hold up to 100 sheets and one output tray that can hold up to 30 sheets.

3. Supports Various Paper Sizes

It can also print on envelopes, letter size papers, legal size papers, as well as special paper sizes such as A4, B5, statement, and executive. You can also customize the paper size to fit your needs. Printing capabilities are also varied. The printer can print on ordinary paper, as well as on Epson premium papers, and transparencies. You can use the printer to print presentations and reports in full color, and you will have impressive prints all the time.

On top of that, you can also print t-shirt transfers with this printer’s iron-on printing capabilities.

The Secret behind Epson Stylus 600 Printer

One of the Epson Stylus 600 printer’s best features is its Look Your Best Color Pak, which has won a lot of awards for producing the finest quality prints among prints produced by printers within the same product range. The Color Pak was recognized by Sierra Print Artist and Adobe Photo Deluxe for Windows for its ability to print vibrant colors that copy what’s on your screen.

Printer Reviews : The Bad and the Good about the Epson Stylus 600 Printer

One thing you should know about the Epson Stylus 600 printer is that it doesn’t boast of the fastest print speeds around. The printer prints quite slow, with a speed of only 6 pages per minute for black printing. Colored printing is even slower, at only 4 pages per minute.

Given the current print speed standards nowadays, this printer’s speed has a lot to improve on, noted by printer reviews around. But if you don’t need a fast printer and just need an affordable one that is able to print excellent documents and photos, this printer can do the work for you.

Although this printer is not new, you can still find a lot of secondhand units of the Epson Stylus 600 printers. This printer set a standard for color printing when it first came out, and up until now, the print quality revolution that this printer started still impacts the way that printers are built these days.

If you get this printer, you will certainly get a machine that you can rely on for your printing needs.

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