Epson Stylus NX 415

by philip nixon
(Toronto, Canada)

The Epson NX 415 printer did not work properly from the time it was first delivered to me in Toronto. It was impossible to load the ink cartridges because the container inside the printer that was meant to hold them could not be opened.Nothing in the user's booklet covered that eventuality. Clearly my only hope was customer service over the telephone.

Some service! After a 20-minute wait, during which I was tortured with the worst sort of ricky-tick elevator music, a girl answered. She should have been at school instead of answering customer queries. Her English was often impenetrable. I had reached the Phillipines and a Phillipina whose knowledge of printers was limited, and her grasp of English even more shallow. I made three similar attempts to get help-- each time a girl in the Phillipines gave me answers that proved unworkable. And that demonstrates how little Epson cares about customer service.

In fairness I would have to add that Epson agreed to come and haul this wretched machine away. Did I want a replacement? No thank you. I intend to steer clear of Epson and its products from now on. I recommend that you do the same.

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