Fastest Printer: IBM Infoprint 4000

by John - expert

When time is of the essence and you need a massive volume of printouts, you need the fastest printer possible. There are businesses that require printers of high speed, those that can produce a large quantity of pages per minute. These are the ones that need to print a lot of mails, brochures and newsprints, among others.

Among the printers available in the market, A3laser printers are those with the utmost speed. They are pricey because of their features that make them suitable for business use. Besides, they are bulky in a way they use up a large amount of space. You may think it may be too big for a table but it is large enough to almost occupy a small room. For this reason, they are impractical for household use, unless of course you have a home business and you need hundreds of pages to be printed.

So far, the fastest printer in the category of A3 lasers is IBM's Infoprint 4000. In its simplex mode, it has a 354 page per minute printing speed. You can just imagine how many pages it can print when you set it to a duplex mode. Its speed is doubled at 708ipm.

With the fastest printer in town, you have complete control over its printing operation. You can increase the volume of pages in the input tray. The existing one holds up to 16” pile of paper. On the other hand, you can, likewise, go for the option of going beyond the 14” pile that is supported by the output tray.

A3 laser printouts typically come in a width of 17” but IBM’s infoprint 4000 prints up to a width of 18”. Moreover, aside from printing per page, it is capable of printing continuous forms of high volume. This way, it is a flexible printer since it is capable of both individual and heavy printing. With the latter, it makes use of standard forms that measure 18” x 17”. Using the additional feature, it can make use of forms that are 18” x 28” in size. This printer is ideal for most offices that need uninterrupted printing. This is because you can continue printing even while you are changing its toner.

IBM Infoprint 4000 boasts of its print quality enhancement which is exclusive to this brand. This feature is evident in the printouts that have the edges that are smoother and black color that is bolder. It is, likewise, known for its precision which makes it capable of supporting barcode applications and showing accurate print position on continuous forms.

Since this kind of printer is expensive, some may think twice about investing in it. Because of the advancement in technology, they may think that this may soon become obsolete as soon as a newer version comes around. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. With its modular design, you can upgrade it to suit your needs.

IBM's Infoprint 4000 is, indeed, the fastest printer in the market. Not only this, it is worth the investment with all its exceptional features.

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