HP Color LaserJet CP2025

by Dale Ambrose - Businessman
(Altoona, Wisconsin)

HP Color LaserJet CP2025

HP Color LaserJet CP2025

Consider the HP Color LaserJet CP2025 for three reasons:

1. It is user friendly.

2. It can produce high quality color print outputs.

3. It has the capacity and ability to produce a lot of prints.

It was a good thing I came across a review about it at this site and the review said all three were present and I can say I got what I deserved. The review stated the price at $450 but I was able to get my unit at Amazon for only $439. As an added bonus, I received this HP Color LaserJet quite promptly with everything intact.

What I can say about HP Color LaserJet CP2025 as a user friendly machine-

Admittedly I am not good at handling computer operated machines because I have very little background as far as computers are concerned. Based on the review about this HP color laserjet printer, it has a start-up video and step by step instructions, and this immediately caught my attention.

True enough, the step by step instructions made it possible for me to install the product right away. Besides, if there was something I did not understand or if I encountered a snag at operating this machine, I found the IT professionals manning the HP toll free hot line support quite friendly and competent. Sometimes, I felt foolish I had to ask, the instructions are all in the manual, I just did not know how to look for it.

What I can say about the color prints produced by HP Color LaserJet CP2025

I deal with a lot of color printing jobs. As early as this time of the year, we get orders for Christmas give-away items wherein we use this water slide decal paper. The images we have to print require small details and customers are quite strict in getting their designs followed to a tee, especially when it comes to colors.

Since decal papers are quite special because they come coated, it is important that the printer can work with all types of medium. We use the decals or stickers to adorn coffee mugs, bags, picture frames, decorative tiles, wall clocks, planners and even something as commonplace as a back scratcher. That is why it is very important in my kind of business to have color prints that are precise up to the smallest detail.

In fact, our decal paper supplier recommended that we use an HP color laser printer, because it works well with any kind of medium. That is why I was glad to read about this HP Color LaserJet CP2025 in this site. The review sort of supported the recommendation of my supplier.

What I can say about the ability of HP Color LaserJet CP2025 to produce more output -

The fact that most reviews about this HP color laser jet printer said it has the capacity to produce as much as 40,000 prints a month, then that was good enough for me.

There was even a computation that the cost per color print would be $4.30, I took that to mean that it is about the cost of an ordinary paper and the ink used. That is of course good for my business because I do not have to charge much so I could keep up with the hard times. My customers appreciate the fact that I made no price increases despite the down economy.

To keep my business running during these times, I would rather keep profits to a minimum and provide something affordable to my customers. This way, we both manage to survive and stay alive in our respective businesses because I keep them satisfied and happy and they can also keep their customers satisfied and happy.

Besides, one of my main customers is our local community church and we have to print colorful weekly bulletins and newsletters and it would be in bad taste to increase my rates. As we all know churches don't operate for profit and rely mainly on the congregational offerings.

What I can say about recommending the HP Color LaserJet CP2025-

Actually, I am not really fond of writing out reviews but then while I was making a research about this product, I came across one user review that said this was a hard to install and operate product. I felt this was unfair because this printer unit is really of great significance for me and my business. Thankfully I did not heed those comments because there were more factual reviews like the one provided by this site.

I checked it out with the hotline support if a start up video was really included. The HP support confirmed this and gave me assurance that they will guide me in case I encounter any difficulty. For that kind of assurance and because this HP color laserjet printer does produce high quality prints in great capacity, I highly recommend this HP Color LaserJet CP2025.

So far it is a wise business investment especially in my kind of business where-- "Quality should be kept high while prices are kept low."

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