HP D4360 Review

by Pastor Lee Koh - Assistant Church Minister
(Fort Wayne, Indiana)

HP DeskJet  D4360 Printer

HP DeskJet D4360 Printer

I would like to contribute by giving a review about HP DeskJet D4360 Printer. As a pastor of a small Korean ministry for Korean immigrants living in the Indiana area, I purchased an HP DeskJet D4360 Printer. This printer is very important to the church because it is the printer to be used for educational materials. Many Koreans migrated to the United State of America in 1970 and many also needed support because English was not our main language.

The founder of our church hired some local Americans to teach English to our church members. It started as a small classroom and grew big as an educational center to teach Koreans who wanted to learn the English language. Since we started, we only made use of printers to make educational materials. We adapt our learning materials in a way that our Korean countrymen will understand. So it is very important for our printers to be reliable and sturdy.

Ever since we started we used HP printers. That is why up to now I still chose to buy this HP DeskJet D4360 Printer to replace the old one before it retires. I selected this model because I saw that some of its features will be helpful in making good educational materials.

I listed below the good qualities of this printer so the reader will know that HP printers are good printers:

1. The pages we print are very clear and the text prints are very readable.

2. We can print 30 pages per minute and the paper tray can be loaded with 80 sheets. It is also nice that the paper tray is foldable if we are not using the printer.

3. Our old printer is for regular paper only. Now our new HP DeskJet D4360 Printer can also print photos, make self-addressed envelopes, print on transparencies, create labels and cards and even make stickers we can use for the childrens materials.

4. Our group is also glad that this HP DeskJet D4360 Printer can be stopped if we make mistakes. We do not have to continue wasting paper because there is a cancel button to stop the printer from running. In our old printer, if we make a mistake we cannot just stop the printer because it will be the cause of bigger trouble. So we just had to wait until the printer stops.

We did no have trouble in installing it because it can be installed like our old printer, we only followed the instructions at Start HP when we wanted to use other functions.

There are other features we will try like the USB cables so we can use it for printing using another PC. We can also transfer the pictures in our cell phone cameras so the pictures in our events can be printed for our newsletters.

If we will be able to help many more Koreans to speak English well, they will not have a hard time in getting jobs. Also, their children will also learn English at home. When it is time for them to go to school, they will not be afraid because they can already understand basic English.

The HP printer is our partner because we have used it in the past and for a long time. I am very sure that this HP D4360 Printer will again be a good partner for the future years.

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