HP Deskjet 3745

by Janie Romero

I had no choice but to buy a new printer when our old HP printer was worn out and got the HP Deskjet 375 I even took the old one to a service center but unfortunately it cant be fixed and the cost would be much more than buying a new printer. a fast need of a printer for my everyday printing needs, I purchased an HP Deskjet 3745 for its brand name, compactness and simple feature. (I could not buy a laser at that time as I need the color printing more than good black printing).

It was easy using the HP DJ3745 at first as it was fast, economical and fits perfectly well in my tight cramped desk. I commend its slimness and ease of moving as its easy to move around and fold the paper tray. In other words... its not that bulky.

All printers has its downside of course. It is not long after enjoying the economical use of the printer that I see what is not good about it. Although printing is good with its nice colors, when I printed some pictures in HP Photo paper, the picture didn't last long and before the picture turned 1 year, it has completely faded. Talk about quality picture printing.

You need to be careful in placing the paper when printing especially of you are strict with alignment. The tray is not well built to make sure alignment is the same every time you load a paper. Sometimes the paper slides all the way through the printer making the margin printing more above than you expect it to be. Moreover, if you are lucky, it will not eat up a few pieces of paper when you are printing more than 5 pages at a time. But you can pull the paper right away without any ink in your hand unlike most laser printer does.

Due to its compactness, maybe I cannot complain but instead expect that the ink cartridge is too small in quantity as compared to other printers making you change inks more often.

However, with all this downside, I still enjoy using my HP DJ3745 for fast draft printing as I save up especially if its draft reports I'm printing. I find that cost of printing per page is really very cheap as the fast draft setting seems really not "draft" printing as other printers.

It still really prints well and I will still use it until it gives up on me. BTW, its kind of "dust-proof" unlike our old HP which seem to be more sensitive to dust and the cause of its ruin.


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