HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet All-in-One Printer

by Audra Johnson- Admin & Secretarial Student
(Phoenix, Arizona )

HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer

HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer

For a change, I guess some people would also like to read a review about a simple printer like HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer. I have read a lot of reviews about the high-tech printers that some professionals use and I am truly in awe about the things that it can do.

However, I could probably impress you with the fact that this HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer is made from 50% recycled plastic yet can perform the job of printing, copying and scanning with cost and energy saving efficiency.

Honestly, I do not consider myself as a printer expert because I have had very little experience with printers except for those that I occasionally use at the library but never for my own. All I know is that I find the following experience very much worth the very low, low price I paid for it:

1. HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer was easy to set up considering that I am a newbie with this. I found the full HP software helpful in carrying out the task and it is a good thing that I am a sucker for ads because I found a lot of them to keep me entertained.

2. I go about the task of printing, scanning and copying by simply following buttons that are exactly labeled with the function you want them to do. Everything is straightforward and kept simple.

3. There are ink-alerts that can provide me with the warning signals that the ink cartridges are running low.

4. I am not sure if 22 pages per minute is fast enough for others but they are for me and it even allows printing on both sides of the paper. This is one cost efficient feature I find useful especially if I use the feature of printing web pages directly.

5. Speaking of printing web pages, I enjoy the fact that I can print multiple web pages in a single page, so I do not need to deal with a lot of files for my clippings. Getting organized is all a breeze.

6. Personally the borderless prints I get look really good, the scanning results are exceptional and the copies I reproduced were nothing short of the original.

Except for a paper jam that I experienced on one occasion, I have had no problems with this HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer. In fact, I had very good help from HPs tech support and they easily showed me how to resolve my problem. It was all a case of me being an eager-beaver.

Do not expect anything high-tech but be surprised that you will get all the efficiency you need from an equipment that is 50% made from recycled plastic. Green living advocates will really be pleased with this latest contribution from Hewlett Packard. How can you go wrong in buying HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet AIO Printer, a low –priced equipment that is energy and cost efficient and produces the right kind of prints and copies?

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HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet All-in-One Printer

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Jun 23, 2010
HP software ruined Media Center operation
by: Anonymous

I had a HP PSC1510 for a couple of years and everything was fine with my old, but perfectly working Windows XP Media Center Edition with Service Pack 3. My PSC1510 died and I bought a HP F4480. I removed the old PSC1510 software and loaded the F4480 software and now Media Center won't let me watch any television. Messages about ehshels.exe pop-up and talk about debugging and then Media Center creates an error report and media center shuts down.
HP doesn't care. Microsoft doesn't want to support XP.

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