HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet

by Crystal Windstrom- Work-at-Home-Mom
(Witchita, Texas)

HP DeskJet F4480 All in One printer

HP DeskJet F4480 All in One printer

I found this HP DeskJet F4480 Inkjet All in One printer on sale at Amazon's down to a price of only $59.99 from its previous $99. I bought it not for some noble reason, but I somehow figured that for only a small price it can do a lot of things that I pay quite a sum for. I even get to pay for some school book that my kid wants photocopied. Well anyway, I bought the printer not expecting anything at all.

The first surprising thing about the printer was that it was easy to set up and install. I was a bit irked though that the package didn't have a manual but just a flimsy reference guide but it somehow served the purpose. In no time at all, it got me trying out the printing, scanning and copying and consistently got good text prints and colored images.

Another convenient feature I found pleasing is that it can support different types of paper. As I said, I contemplated on buying this printer just for the general notion of being able to do-it-myself for some of the things I used to pay for; for the price of $59.99. It's a lot of savings from the very start. I discovered that there are quite a number of media that it supports like transparencies, labels, iron-on materials aside from the borderless photo paper. This discovery got me all interested in different crafts I could make using this HP DeskJet F4480.

In fact, I have researched the net for some how to do craft making that I can't seem to make up my mind which one to start on. By the way, that's another surprisingly pleasant thing I learned while surfing the web, I can print direct right from the web page. Instead of copying and pasting the instructions, I can create an exact reproduction of the web page together with all the diagrams.

If you want to be let in for some more surprises, here's another one. My husband was opposed to my buying this HP DeskJet F4480 All-in-One printer. He said that HP printers may come cheap but it's the frequency of changing ink cartridges that's going to give me headaches. Despite this opposition, I went ahead and bought it, thinking it's not going to be for heavy loads but for some occasional printing jobs.

So far, I can say I have been into some heavy printing, some 200 pages of book, and some 50 pages of coloring book pages I got from the web and around 20 plus web pages of "how to" articles in color and complete with images or diagrams. Not to mention the wasted prints my son made for printing twice because he was not fully focused on what he was doing. Good thing, we learned how to use the cancel button later on; we use this if we're printing something by mistake.

I just peeked in and I can see that the ink levels are still about 60% or more. I know I should be changing cartridge this time because my husband kept asking if I have changed ink cartridges yet. He doesn't believe me though. I even think he is monitoring the ink usage behind my back. I guess ink usage will be more once I start printing the borderless photos.

I am really quite pleased with this HP DeskJet F4480 All in One printer. Aside from its comely feature of being made from mostly recycled plastic, it allows dual printing to save on paper. The price, the features and the convenience of use makes the HP DeskJet F4480 exceptional.

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