HP J3680 All-in-One Printer

by Carlyn Smith- Work-at-Home Mom
(Santa Barbara, California USA)

HP J3680  All-in-One Printer

HP J3680 All-in-One Printer

Would you believe that you can have this wonderful HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer for only $65? Actually, when I saw this printer and read about its reviews, there was no particular reason to buy it except the opportunity to own a formidable looking all-in-one printer at a very affordable price. I was just browsing the Amazon catalogue looking for a birthday present to give my husband and I could not resist the idea of giving him this printer. The more I thought about it, the more it convinced me that this was the best gift I could give him.

My husband was beside himself when this HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer was delivered at our doorstep. Amazon sent it gift-wrapped as I requested and my husband was quite surprised that the big box was addressed to him. His fingers were shaking like that of a child as he struggled to open it. He had mixed feelings at first because he thought I spent a fortune for this HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer. But when he saw for himself that it was selling at Amazon for only $65, he kept patting me at the back like a good old buddy for a job well done.

We have an existing fax machine at home which my husband uses for most of his real estate and insurance sideline deals. Even before, he kept wishing that he could update his Fax machine into something that could send and receive clear crisp documents. Readable text prints for him would be improvement enough. So you could just imagine his gratefulness for this HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer. Here are the reasons why my husband was quite thankful when he received his wonderful all in one printer:

1. He can now receive and send fax messages with very clear resolutions and 100% readable. Unlike the fax messages he received before wherein he could not quite make out the numbers and always had to confirm them by phone.

2. He can send documents with full colored images; it was easier for him to show full colored photos of the available houses up for sale which he is currently offering to prospective buyers. He sent the photos via email because his fax machine could only send in black and white and blurry at that.

3. In fact, he is still on the phone talking to his prospect about the house and it will only take him a few seconds and he will be able to fax a scanned colored image of the house he is offering. He does this while they are still on the phone conversing.

4. Even the recipient appreciates the fact that my husband has a competent all in one printer equipped with a fax that will allow both of them to come up with quick decisions in a single phone conversation. The client is able to see and decide which houses to visit for inspection since the full colored document faxed to him was very clear. It was so unlike before when clients had to access them via their PCs as attachments to their emails and still had to be processed by their printer.

5. Now my husband enjoys the luxury of offering real estate properties using this HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer, because he is on the phone and at the same on the printer, Scanner and Fax machine, simply pushing buttons and watching the paper feeds get the job done. He can get answers, decisions and appointment set-ups with just a single call because he is able to furnish the prospective clients with documents faster than they expected. Whereas before it took him about two to three days before he can finalize house inspection appointments since most of the time, clients are too busy to look over the pictures he sent.

6. Even the invoices for insurance claims that his insurance clients are sending over for reimbursement from their insurance provider are very clear. It is all very different from the quality of the documents he received as fax messages before, blurred with thin lines and almost unreadable.

Of course the superb quality of the documents would not have been possible if the HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer did not print, scan and copy superbly in the first place. The laser quality must be true to what the product claimed as ?1200 x 1200 dpi for B&W prints and up to 4800 x 1200 dpi for color prints.?

I told my husband that he should write a review about this but he said I should have the honors because it was I who did a good job of finding this wonderful HP J3680 Officejet All-in-One Printer.

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