HP LaserJet P1005 Printer

by Bryan Locke Nesbit Printing Entrepreneur
(Londonderry, New Hampshire )

HP LaserJet P1005

HP LaserJet P1005

I recently bought 3 units of this HP LaserJet P1005 printer and you might want to know my reasons why. Here is my personal review and I hope it helps.

It is very affordable; a single unit costs me only $50 each. I was in the market looking for a business workhorse printer with a working budget of $250 allotted for a unit. I came across this HP LaserJet P1005, read the reviews, bought one, gave it a try and after a month I decided to buy two more for my small printing business. I was able to save $100 on my budget, which made this small workhorse immediately a winner for me and my company

Its compact size makes it a great space saver. Its maximum dimension is 13.7 x 8.8 x 7.6 inches, literally the size of a small box like equipment you can put atop any desk without it occupying a great deal of space. It allows my secretary and staff to work with ease having their own printers to work on simultaneously. No one has to wait for the other to finish because each had his/her own unit at his/her disposal. HP LaserJet P1005 allows for continuous workflow and more efficient production.

Capable of producing high quality documents with remarkable speed and efficiency :

1. HP LaserJet P1005 prints immediately since it does not have that warming up period anymore coming from a powersave mode. After that, it continues with ease to produce highly acceptable letterhead documents, label, flyers, business cards and other business forms that we are commissioned to do for our customers.

2. I bought this HP LaserJet P1005 mainly as a support machine dedicated for B & W prints and its efficiency is great. At a speed of 15 ppm, it lessens the workload of the other bigger printers quite fast enough.

3. This HP LaserJet P1005 has a 150-sheet paper tray. No need to stop the work in progress just to reload for paper supply.

Some user reviews encountered setbacks with their HP LaserJet P1005 unit. Still I went ahead and bought two more for the following reasons:

I recognize this machine as only a small workhorse; hence, all I expect from it is back-up work and not the main printing jobs for my printing business. There should be a bigger printer to do the main work but even bigger printers need to rest from too much workload.

So this HP LaserJet P1005 does the minor jobs, for additional orders, for my own office requirements and for small odd jobs that we accept. Nowadays, businesses cannot afford to be too picky but should be supportive of one another no matter how small the client and his business is. For $50 price per printer, I have done enough small printing jobs with it which allowed me to recover this small investment for every printer bought.

Paper curling : The matter of paper curling is not attributable to the printer. It is all a matter of the quality paper that you use. Some brands of paper are so low in quality that it cannot withstand a certain degree of heat. I have been in this business for more than 12 years; I have been hands on even with the trouble shooting. I am also supported by a reliable technician and ever since I stopped using certain brands of paper, I never had that curling problem any more in any of my printers.

Toner Flake-offs : Even toners that flake-off cannot be blamed on the printer. It's also a matter of low quality paper. Too glossy or too much thickness causes toner flaking. If the medium is not right and was produced with poor adhesion qualities, expect the toner to flake off because the latter is basically plastic powder that is supposed to melt on the paper.

Toner capacity : I say it is just right for a printer this small. Toners have shelf life too and this printer is ideal also for home office. Most home office users do not consume much as we businessmen do. If too much toner reserve is in place, chances are home office users will end up with poor quality toners because they have already exceeded their shelf life.

Toner expensive : Nothing is cheap nowadays, so when I discovered this HP LaserJet P1005, I put on my thinking cap and saw the advantage of buying two more for the odd printing jobs. The $150 investments have all been recovered and I saved on power consumption instead of using printer machines with bigger energy capacity to do small odd jobs.

I hope my review of this HP LaserJet P1005 will help others to decide. I highly recommend it.

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