HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer

by Hank
(Concord, New Hampshire )

HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format A3+ Printer

HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format A3+ Printer

The HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer came up as the best printer in the market to match the specifications I was looking for. I was actually wary and cautious about buying this printer since I read a lot of negative reviews about it. Until it dawned on me that the very negativity of their issues was what I was looking for in a printer. That matter solved, I went ahead and bought this HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format A3+ Printer.

I guess I confused you a bit about the negative issue, but I've read about customers, who were complaining about the quality of prints that this officejet printer produced. Then I realized that these customers were actually looking for images of the glossy types and those that are best suited to be hung on the wall with a frame. What I was looking for was more of business-like for printing office documents and forms. If I had to print graphics, it was going to be solid with large chunks of color so I didn't need one that was too intense which will only make me complain about ink usage. For all the negative things that was said about this printer it's too bad that some customers may have been misled by reviews about a printer that wasn't suited to the reviewer's needs.

So here are the plus points why I decided to buy this HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format Printer despite the negative reviews which I never regretted up to this date:

? It's a low-cost printer yet very color accurate when it comes to printing color graphics. It's a wide format printer and can print out all sizes up to 13 x 19 inches. I took note of that when I saw the caption that this is an A3+ which meant it prints larger than the regular sizes. I'm not one to attest if it does save me up to 40% in energy but it does save my energy every time I had to complain about our printer who did the printing jobs of our documents and brochures.

The professional printer's jobs almost always came in the wrong sizes; the pictures were too glossy and sticky, wherein what I was looking for was more of the grainy type to make the image look more solid and will use just about any kind paper even the most ordinary will do. I don't know why some professional printers insisted on giving me the glossy types, perhaps they were more concerned on their reputation if the output is not sleek and shiny. What I wanted was cost efficiency and not for art gallery. To cut the long story short, I bought my own printer.

In fact, I had a better working relationship with this HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format A3+ Printer, than my professional printer because it came up with what I needed at a very low cost. I think, the reason why this officejet printer worked well is that it has the capacity to prime and calibrate the ink on its own. I discovered this during installation of the software. It was done only once and I think it can be done again manually but I see no reason why I have to.

I've read from somewhere that color management through ink priming and calibration does a lot in printing digital images and not something you totally expected the printer to do. I guess by having its own built-in capacity to do so, this HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format Printer was able to come up with digital images that were true to the color of the original, although I must say that the darker shade is less dark. But there is no shift in color and stays consistent. For someone who is not too printer-savvy like me, this officejet's capability to calibrate and prime the ink on its own makes the work condition more cost-efficient and satisfactory.

It's been a year now since I had this printer, no clogs, no paper jams and no ink-guzzling. You only need to replace the cartridges where ink had been used up. This printer is simple and no nonsense for business purposes as it prints fast and right on demand. I truly recommend this HP OfficeJet 7000 Wide Format Printer to those who are looking for a printer that does what it is expected to do, print with cost efficiency.

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