HP Officejet 7000

by Gonzalo Bermudez – Businessman & Printing Entrepreneur
(Sao Paolo, Brazil)

HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer

HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer

As a user of HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer for my calendar making business, I have my own piece to say about this HP printer machine, so this is my printer review based on that. My views are mostly good because the very purpose that I bought it for is being served well. My staff and I have made the samples for the 2010 calendars and customers are having a hard time in choosing their pick for their Christmas promotional giveaways.

Modesty aside, the samples we made using the HP Officejet 7000 are quite impressive in as much as the images we picked came out looking all lifelike. Other graphic designs we used had crisp details as to lines and loops. All these despite the largeness of the calendar we are printing from the HP Officejet 7000. Based on our experience, another brand of printer we previously used for wide formats, only met the size expectation but was not able to deliver in terms of quality prints. Hence, we discontinued our use of it.

The arrival of this HP Officejet 7000 printer in our shop has made printing work a lot easier for us. We now use a compact office machine like HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer, to create bigger and poster sized calendars which was the limitation of our other desktop printers.

We have stepped up our production since we can make different calendars with very little hassle. Calendars, whether single page, monthly calendar and even photo calendars are now works in progress.

While my other HP multi function printers can do the able job of scanning and printing of the images, the HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer can take charge of reproducing the calendars that come in 13 x 19 inch sizes.

I highly recommend this for business use, based on the following features:

1. This Wide Format Printer can still produce the finest looking borderless prints despite the size it has to contend with, at the speed of 33 ppm in black and at 32 ppm in color.

2. It is quite remarkable that despite the largeness of the calendars we print, the quality and vividness of colors do not suffer and still remain true to the original. Print resolution is quite acceptable at 4800x 1200 optimized dpi using thermal inkjet.

3. There is a LED indicator that lights up to warn the user of low running ink. What is also remarkable is that you only need to replace the cartridge of the empty ink.

4. There is a cancel button to discontinue any printing job we might need to stop instead of waiting for it to finish. This provides efficiency since we can avoid further ink and paper wastage.

5. Other PCs with other tasks can also work with this HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer because of its networking capability; the package itself includes Ethernet for wireless connectivity.

6. It can print the maximum size using different types of paper including brochure paper and transparencies.

7. It has been true to its promise of its duty cycle at 7,000 pages per month.

8. Its energy consumption when in use is only around 48 watts, upholding the Energy star certification for energy efficiency.

There may be some snags along the way, but I really cannot say for sure if they were due to the inefficiency of the printer or of the user I assigned to do a job. Nevertheless, they were minimal and never cropped up again so I still believe that this HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Printer is highly competent and efficient as a business tool.

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