HP OfficeJet H470

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HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer

HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer

HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer is a hard working portable printer that provides prints you will need on demand. Found useful as an aid to a flourishing career or business, this portable printer can prove itself as a competent tool. It weighs about 4.5 pounds and may be compact but a bit too heavy if you intend to lug it around. It is quite handy because it is equipped with almost all important ports like the standard USB, PictBridge, Memory slots for SD, miniSD, and MMC; the Compact Flash port seems to be missing though.

If there is no AC available, it runs on lithium-ion battery which comes along with the purchase. A 192 MHz processor can produce prints at a speed of 18 ppm in color and 22 pages per minute (ppm) in black. The paper feeder can accommodate 50 sheets of paper obviously not for heavy duty printing but allows more, compared to Canon Pixma iP90v of 30 sheets capacity.

This HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer uses one black ink cartridge and another one for a tri-color cartridge. An added feature is the RLT or Real Life Technologies, which the user will find as useful for portrait prints and will have not much effect in pictures that have smaller details

As closer look at this portable printer will give us some insights on the advantages and disadvantages that the HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer will provide or fail to provide its user.

HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer Advantages :

1. Print cost is economical at $19.99 for every compatible black inkjet cartridge that produces 500 prints or an equivalent of 3.9 cents per page.

2. A whole network of switches is built in at the back, which traveling businessmen or professionals will find convenient when considering connectivity at different options.

3. It works quite unobtrusively without any noise attracting or distracting sound as it prints.

HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer Disadvantages :

1. Prints can be expected to regress in quality at some point.

2. Issues are present in paper handling especially in the arm mechanism when it comes to handling smaller paper sizes. A shallow cover to catch the prints when they are released does not provide the ideal pick up point, especially when the user is trying to manage other business while printing. One has to stop and attend to the printing process as it operates.

The prices range from $224 to $314 which can create a sudden impact of disparity against Canon’s home office compact printers available at $100 at the most. However, a closer comparison between the two will show that the HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer was designed mainly for business use. Businessmen who need to make use of photos while a business deal is pushing through can perform the printing functions almost anywhere owing to its multi–connectivity.

Despite the regression in print outputs, which some users attribute as the result of power deficiency during low battery charges, HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer was still considered highly dependable during the crucial moments that they were expected to perform.

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