HP Photosmart Premium All-in-One Printer

by Janiece
(Leeward Oahu, Hawaii)

HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one Printer

HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one Printer

I bought this HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer because I wanted to have a printer especially dedicated to photo printing. Well, actually I had thought of that purpose only when I saw the great price reduction to this printer. It was originally priced at $246.00 but was selling low at $114.95 and I could not help but be attracted to it.

I looked over the reviews and found a lot of people were highly satisfied with it which all the more gave me the urge to buy this HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer. Now all I needed was a real reason to buy another printer when in fact my other HP DeskJet F4480 All-in-One printer was working perfectly fine and without a hitch.

Since this machine comes out with better photo prints, in fact as excellent looking as the lab printed ones, I sort of adopted the reason that I bought this HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer to have a printer dedicated purely for printing out photos.

I have a lot of things to love about this printer and I need not go into details about how this printer's resolutions and speed are at par, in fact even better than my existing HP printer. I will go directly to what's nice about this HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer:

? First thing that I liked about buying this printer are the 100 4x6 sheets of photo paper that came along as complimentary to the package. I couldn't help but be amazed at how generous HP is.

? Naturally, the photos were really lab qualities, all very sharp and coming out alive with colors.

? The printer has this Quick Form software which has been giving me a good time with all the possibilities it offers. I can even make my kid's school project look crafty and personalized.

? Now printers can be noisy and it's my first time to encounter a machine let alone a printer that has a noise reduction capability. I can tone down the noise this printer makes or even turn the noise off completely.

? I discovered that when this HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer is in its printing process, I can let photos pile up one on top of each other, without fear of the printed output getting smeared or smudged. I'm not sure if that is the printer's capability or the ink's but the photos are really quick to dry.

? Now that we're on the matter of ink, I have no issues about the ink consumption. I asked my husband to give me a rough estimate at how much the print per cost was coming along, with this printer being dedicated to photo printing only. Based on the last replacement plus those that were consumed by the cartridges that still remain at usable level, I was given a rough estimate of about 50 to 75 cents for every 4x6 print.

Now that I have mentioned all the wonderful new things about HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer, you need not be surprised if I told you that I sort of run a small home business using this printer. Most of the families in our neighborhood have taken a lot of pictures but only a few of them had their pictures printed. Most of them store it in their PCs or upload them at Facebook or some free file hosting account. This was not because of any lack of interest to have them printed but they often lack the time and opportunity to go to a photo lab.

What I do is to print the photos they like. Some of them even became interested with the paper crafts I make using the Quick Form and integrating their photos. Others would ask if it was possible for me to print on labels or CD covers. They're quite fascinated to see that it's so easy nowadays to get their pictures on different materials.

Now everyone is interested in getting their own printers and that means bad for my business. Nevertheless, I would be doing the same thing, if I were in their places. HP Photosmart Premium AIO Printer is an exceptional printer and its highly recommended.

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